KA1 VET EXC “IPECA Mobility”

IPECA Mobility The IPECA project is aimed at 80 students regularly enrolled in the 3rd and 4th years. Mobility aims to establish a link between the institutions involved and the…

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KA1 Adults “EWIBO”

Education Without Borders The project will involve 10 Trainers active staff members of MVI and 3 MVI Board Members (Job Shadowing), with the aim of supporting the development of an…

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KA1 Adults “Educate Educators”

Educate Educator Educate Educators is an Adult education staff mobility project. It aims at providing the applicant organization with the staff and organizational capacities to deliver on this crucial purposes through innovative…

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KA1 Adults “Dev Skills” NEST Berlin

Developing Skills for the Best Implementation (DEV SKILLS) project is based on an internal SWOT analysis of the organization NGO NEST Berlin which identified a skill gap which is crucial…

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KA1 VET “Disk” Pitagora

The decision to participate in the KA1-Mobility VET Learners fits into the frame of the Plan that the European Dimension Institute "Pitagora" of Sassari (scientific curriculum) Liceo Scientifico "E. Fermi"…

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KA1 Adults “EDIT”

Partnership - NGO: Champions Factory Bulgaria (Bulgaria). - NGO: MVNGO sport Branch (Italy). - SME: NortH Atlantic Basketball Academy (Ireland). ABSTRACT: Empower DIsabled Through sport (EDIT) is a is a…

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KA1 Adults “iNFEr”

KA1 Adults “iNFEr”

ACP aims at delivering on the recalled priorities through developing the competences of its experienced staff in the use of NFE methodologies as instruments of inclusive educational support

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social inclusion for migrants


KA104 - Adult education staff mobility  MigrActionS (MAS) According to the "Action Plan on the integration of third-country nationals" adopted by the EC on the 7th June 2016, Education and…

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KA1 Adults “JMEHE”

KA1 Adults “JMEHE”

TITLE: Joint Methodologies to Empower Humanities Education   KA104 - Adult education staff mobility   As EVENTURES KOIN has already reached a high level expertise in social entrepreneurship in the frame of the business…

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