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KA1 Adults “Dev Skills” NEST Berlin

Developing Skills for the Best Implementation (DEV SKILLS) project is based on an internal SWOT analysis of the organization NGO NEST Berlin which identified a skill gap which is crucial to enhance staff members competence in order to reach a wider audience of disadvantaged adult targets living in the metropolitan area of Berlin, specifically the target group of adult migrant NEETs.
After an attentive research of the methodological offers the board agreed to aim for two of the key European best practices which can be exploited in the frame of Non Formal Education:
the Blended Learning and the Digital Storytelling. Blended Learning is a way of learning that combines traditional classroom lessons with lessons that use computer technology and may be given over the internet:
Blended learning is a way of breaking down barriers to education. “More and more education establishments are coming to rely on the blended learning model.
Their reasoning is simple:
a multichannel teaching method offers the best of classroom and online learning all in one place. Each student has a range of different strengths and requirements and a blended learning approach allows tutors to acknowledge this.
When they are given the ability to use tools from both traditional and digital spheres, tutors are able to present necessary information in a range of different ways designed to suit the varying learning styles of their students” (CAE).
Digital Storytelling is the most recent extension of storytelling towards digital, audio-visual media, fostering an impacting use of the possibilities granted by today’s digital world and enabling communication across language and cultural barriers.
This qualify Digital storytelling as a powerful tool to foster social inclusion as well as employability empowerment and entrepreneurial action.
The specific pattern for development of our internal staff through mobility entails the following:
1) No.5 Nest Trainers taking part in a Training Course organized by the Italian organization MVNGO with a view to acquiring competences in the use of Digital Storytelling as an innovative instrument to empower the employability of adult migrant NEETs as well as create architectures and campaigns of online promotion and communication.
2) No.5 Nest Trainers taking part in a Training Course of the organization DOREA, based in Cyprus, in order to acquire competences in Blended Learning in Environmental Education as an educational instrument towards adult migrant NEETs.
3) No.6 staff members (Social Media staff) taking part in a Job Shadowing in the premises of MVNGO.