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K1 VET Let’s Develop Touristic Skills

The project “Let’s develop tourist skills” is targed to 30 students in two high schools in Rieti, Istituto Scientifico “Carlo Jucci”, Istituto Magistrale Statale “Elena Principessa di Napoli” and Liceo Scientifico dell’Istituto Omnicomprensivo of Amatrice. The project aimed at providing mobility experience of 6 weeks in Ireland to involved young students. Within the activity participants will acquire skills related to nature of tourism, culture and education.

The project came as a result from an analysis conducted by the applicant organization. The analysis cross-matched the socio-economic need of Rieti’s area with student’s learning and personal development need.

Tourism has always been considered as one of the essential stimulus capable of re-launching local economies and nowadays it is also becoming a tool, which carries values. The future of tourism is linked with the enhancement of nature and culture. At the same time it is also conveying the educational value of respect and responsibility. The action is tailored to students of high school. The activity allows teachers to design an experimental model in which scientific knowledge and pedagogical skills can be implemented in the local labor market, while sustaining smart, cohesive and supportive growth.