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KA1 Adults – ACE

Awareness of Climate Change and Environmental Education is initiated to tackle the pressing issue of climate change and its repercussions by raising awareness through environmental education.

The goal is to enhance skills and competencies to actively combat climate change in various activities and lifestyles. Moreover, the project’s modular design enables participants to delve deep into the topics over the course of the project’s lifecycle and its different phases, instead of cramming everything into a single session.

Start: 01-07-2022End: 31-10-2023                                                        

Project Reference: 2022-1-LT01-KA122-ADU-000079711

EU Grant: Not available

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type: Short-term projects for mobility of staff in adult education


Project Partners:

  • VSI InoproLT (Lithuania)
  • NGO NEST BERLIN EV (Germany)
  • MV International (Italy)

Project TOPICs:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Awareness about the European Union
  • Digital skills and competences


  • Adult educators
  • Partner organisations
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Dispose regular activities targeted at Adults’ audiences for an active promotion on climate change awareness through the enforcing of the organization’s long-term staff members of Adult volunteers.
  • Deployment of staff’s capacities in devising and managing European projects in the frame of Adult strategic partnership, enhancing the latter’s efforts at regional, local and european level
  • Broaden the consortium partners’ networking capacities through established good practices in the Adult field, acquiring high-end methodologies and developing the joint ventures and future partnerships


Involved staff members will have the opportunity to establish socially endorsed goals such as raising awareness about climate change among engaged entrepreneurs and adults through environmental education.

They will also facilitate discussions on climate change matters and foster inclusive attitudes towards engaged entrepreneurs and adult categories within the broader adult population using unconventional educational approaches.

Simultaneously, they will gain techniques and connections to achieve these objectives. These staff members will enhance and apply skills that can be utilized in their everyday tasks beyond the project’s duration, sharing them with other Inoprolt employees and consortium member organizations.



Non-formal education

  • Ice Breaking and Teambuilding to activities
  • Introduction to Environmental Education in Adult education.
  • Presentation of European policies in the field of Adult education.
  • Presenting and exploring European priorities on Environmental Education.
  • Introducing the potential role of Environmental Education as a thematic focus of Strategic Partnership Adult projects.
  • Presentation of European Best Practice projects on integration of environmental education promoted in diverse sectors,
  • Design of basic ideas of Strategic Partnership Adult projects by participants.
  • Elaboration of project Handbook
  • Interview videos of participants.
  • Official closing, final evaluation and delivery of certificates.



Job Shadowing of 2 members of the coordinators’ organization to Sassari (Italy), in order to take part in a Job Shadowing hosted by the partner MV International, in whose context to exchange knowledge and develop schemes and proposals of cooperation in the Strategic Partnership Adult field.

1 Mobility in Berlin, hosted by the partner organization NGO NEST Berlin, in which 4 Project Managers of the organization will take part in a Training Course on promoting environmental education as a tool to be implemented in European youth work.