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KA1 Adults “Environmental Urban Citizenship Attitude”

Association Wonderland is a non-profit organizations operating in the capital of Austria (Vienna), active in the field of culture, outdoor activities, sports and social inclusion, developing a community of active people that share life-changing stories.
“Environmental urban citizenship attitude” is a 24 months’ project in the field of Adult education, which aim to provide competences of its internal human resources, in order to lay the groundwork of Environmental urban citizenship paths.

– Enhance participants’ competences to develop and implement civic education paths, involving a wider audience of people living in the urban areas;

-Enhance participants’ competences concerning the “environmental management” to responds to the need to examine urban growth and environmental problems from the management and planning perspectives to contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient cities;

– Create a network among NGOs in the field of adult education with prior experience in of environmental sustainability and urban social-issue.


The project will foresee in the context of the project no. 2 Training Courses and 2 Job Shadowing for Association Wonderland regular staff, as follows described:
-1 TC in Italy involving 5member’s staff of Association Wonderland; Duration: 6 days+1 Travel day;
-2 TC in Cyprus involving 5member’s staff of Association Wonderland; Duration: 6 days+1 Travel day; The TCs will involve a comprehensive path of learning delivered through Non-Formal Education (NFE) methodologies arranged by each hosting partner and bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders. TCs will therefore represent an occasion to not only acquire new knowledge/methodologies but also establish a wide set of international contacts in fields relevant for the organizations and its own development.
-3 job shadowing at MVNGO in Sassari (Italy).
-4 job shadowing at the DOREA in Limassol (Cyprus); Both the Job Shadowing activities will involve 4 leading staff members of the applicant organization in a process of work based learning, exchange of knowledge and partnership building, lasting 60 days.