KA1 Youth “ASI”
social inclusion and innovation

KA1 Youth “ASI”

“Art of Sustainable Innovation” KA1 project is focusing at deploying Social Innovation and Circular Economy as a mean for inclusion among youth.

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KA1 Youth MVNGO Projects Abroad

MVNGO Projects Abroad Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) European Project Managers presents proposals on behalf of several Youth Organisations in Europe. When approved, those projects are implemented by the MVNGO Youth…

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KA1 Youth EVS “Chance for a Change”

Chance for a Change The project is a EVS mobility programme coordinated by Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) with UNITED SOCIETIES OF BALKANS (U.S.B.) aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue, social and…

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Both Ways The project is an EVS initiative coordinated by the Czech organization KURO, with MVNGO in the role of a sending and hosting organization. The main aim of the…

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KA1 Youth “You Parkour”

"You Parkour!" was a Youth Exchange implemented in Sassari between April 20-27 2018. The project was applied by Associazione Paritaria Pitagora (ACP), with the support of MVNGO in project design…

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KA1 Youth TC “Setea”

SETEA is an Erasmus Plus KA1 multiactivity project (2 Training Courses) coodinated by the Croatian NGO "Rijeka Sport's Association", with MVNGO as a partner organization and hosting organization of one…

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