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ESC SoliDaring

The “SoliDaring” project was a volunteer project within the European Solidarity Corps aimed at promoting European values, the conservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage in the Historic Center of the city of Sassari and the Sustainable Rural Development of the rural areas of the interland, as well as to support the social involvement and personal development of the volunteers involved.

The aim of the project was to awaken the conscience and civic sense of young people, to make them protagonists of an active change. “SoliDaring” envisioned the valorisation of volunteering for the benefit of both volunteers and local communities. The project created a space that allowed volunteers to contribute their skills to leave their mark on the local community of Sassari. Through the exploration of various Non-Formal Education (NFE) tools and their implementation in the context of the project, the volunteers had the possibility to valorise local cultural heritage and traditions in a creative and interactive way.

The main activities of the project were “CulturIDViews”, which focused on the need to combat urban decay and its socio-economic effects, which are particularly critical for the condition of young people and the community living in the Historic Center of Sassari, and “REActions “, which focused on rural development and the promotion of common EU values always in the Sassari area. These activities were characterized by specific characteristics but they both served to achieve the objective of improving the quality of life of young people and opening new perspectives for the community, as well as awakening the conscience and civic sense of young people, so that they become the real protagonists of an active change.