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KA1 Youth “Youth Picture”

KA1 Youth YE Youth Picture

Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) organised a Youth Exchange in the frame of the Erasmus+ Key Action 1, Youth Picture

Activity: August 17-25 San Teodoro (travel days inc.) Target Group: youth workers, social workers plus a youth member of their organisation willing to act as multipliers in their territory.

The project represented a jointly elaborated effort based on NFE methods aimed at empowering youngsters, with a particular focus on NEET youths, in being active drivers of development of degraded urban areas through the use of Photography as a tool for expressing their feelings, ideas as well as narrating the peculiarities characterizing each local reality.

The choice of Photography as the main educational vehicle was based on the assumption that images can be more impacting than words.

Photography has a specific social usefulness in breaking stereotypes, promoting mutual understanding and empathy, facilitating processes of social inclusion and social change in general.