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KA1 Youth – Peace with me 

This project aims to equip 24 youth workers with a set of competences that will enable them to foresee and prevent the occurrence of violent and abusive acts and interpersonal conflicts in their current work. We plan to develop a seven day training course by introducing the participants into a learning experience designed to explore the perspective of holistic facilitation, where the cognitive, emotional and practical approach will stand for this purpose. The learning process is narrowed to the process of understanding how violence is emerging in a group, trying to exhaust the topic to a large extent.

Start: 25-08-2019 End: 24-08-2022                                                                    

Project Reference: 2019-2-RO01-KA105-064226

EU Grant: 18.016,00EUR

Programme: Erasmus+                                                                                                 

Key Action: KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type: Youth Mobility



  • Association for development Initiatives ZENITH Skopje (MK)
  • Watergratt Pirita MTÜ (EE)
  • Balik Arts (GB)
  • Crossing Borders (DK)


Project topics:

  • Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)
  • Access for disadvantaged


Target groups:

Employed, Active volunteers or permanent collaborators of the partners!


Project objectives:

In order to cover the aim of the proposal, the following objectives will be followed:

  • Equipping 24 youth workers during a seven days training course with relevant competences for understanding and preventing the occurrence of interpersonal conflicts generated by abusive and violent behavioral patterns;
  • Incorporating in the participants’ work a preventive approach against violence manifestations by creating a personalized plan to fit each organization before the end of the project’s implementation;
  • A better understanding for the participants of the principles and benefits of using holistic facilitation as a working principle;
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the partner organizations by creating one international network of youth workers motivated to initiate new international actions that would prevent the occurrence of violence.



Non-formal education


Project activities:

Asociatia idei si proiecte pentru tineri activi

Type of mobility: Training Course

Dates: from 25-08-2019 to 24-08-2021

(7 activity days)

Location: (City / Romania)

Participants: (24 youth workers)