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“RE-Thinking Rural Areas” (RE-TRA)

“RE-Thinking Rural Areas” (RE-TRA) is a project, which aims to: – promote the protection and enhancement of the environmental heritage of rural areas; – involve young people in the process of upgrading marginal areas with a view to sustainable development; – develop environmental awareness and sustainable entrepreneurial perspectives and set up a path of dialogue and exchange between young Europeans through hiking and outdoor activities, educational firm visits and other NFE methodologies. The project includes a Training Course (TC) “Fostering youth activity for sustainable rural development” in Philipsburg (St Maarten -Dutch Part) during the period of 22-29 November 2019 (7 days of activity plus 1 Travel Day). The TC will involve 18 youth workers 18+ (3 from each partner organization) and 2 trainers from Sint Maarten and Croatia. It’s an educational itinerary aimed at providing them with knowledge, skills and NFE tools to foster environmental protection, social inclusion, personal development and community engagement of disadvantaged youth categories (NEETs, youngsters from marginalized rural areas) in rural areas. Objectives of the TC are: – Train selected youth/social workers in employing NFE instruments to engage and educate disadvantaged youngsters who live in rural areas on the sustainable development – Enhance knowledge and tool diversification of partner organizations in the field of Non Formal Education.