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KA1 Youth “Get Connected 2”

KA1 Youth TC Get Connected 2

“Get Connected 2” (GC2) was a Training Course (TC) that aimed to gather in Uri, Sardinia, 21 participants from 9 countries.

There were 7 full working days. The countries: Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Malta and Romania. Participants: youth /social workers from partner organizations engaged or dealing with Social Media and E-Participation.

Theme: Organisers and Trainers wanted to develop participants’ skills, knowledge and attitudes concerning how to involve youth people through E-Media in the policy making processes.

We dedicated each day to a social media tool (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and You Tube) starting with a contribution of an expert and concluding with practical challenges for participants.

The connection between the days and the full picture of the event was clear since the first day; the idea was to create 3 European Campaigns using Social Media and addressign the most important topic of interest in group (environmental protection, sport as a tool for inclusion and green entrepreneurship). Furthermore, participants planned 3 K1 multi-activities proposal which are strictly linked to Social Media and Youngsters.

The Training Course was a follow up of a previous event which took place in Cyprus in November 2013, “Get Connected”, which explored e-participation through a general overview of the tools used by youth leaders.