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KA1 Youth Exchange “New Media New People”

“New Media New People” was a Youth Exchange held in Porto Conte (Sardinia) between August 18-23 2018. The Youth Exchange was implemented by the Informal Youth Group “Purple Cow”, with the support of MVNGO.

Participants were 35 youngsters aged 18-25.

This YE dealt with the importance of reconciliation and peacebuilding processes stimulating the sense of solidarity and promoting intercultural dialogue.

During the YE New Media tools (social networking sites, online video and photo channels) were integrated with non formal educational activities focused on the intercultural dialogue.

New media were used throughout the project as an effective tool of communication and dissemination.

In Europe we all live in a multicultural environment. For each of us, knowledge related to multiculturalism is particularly important, especially for the cause of greater integration. Nowadays we need to educate youngsters to get rid of the stereotypes and prejudices tied to their cultural and Mass Media influenced “luggage”.

The current situation of Europe, which is challenged with receiving and integrating refugees requires an innovative and more effective education of youth. Knowledge and attitudes connected with respect for others and respect for different cultures have to be spread among young people, who will form the Europe of tomorrow. This youth will shape future life, politics and social affairs. That is why it is so important to prepare young people for the new challenges posed by a modern, globalized world and get the youngsters to be engaged in an active citizenship.

This project focused on new media, especially social media networks as a part of everyday online communication practices of young people. During the YE participants will learn through non formal education, how to use different new media channels and applications to promote respect for cultural differences, sense of solidarity and foster intercultural dialogue. Participants also used new social media skills as writing, making photography, filmmaking, creating music to transmit positive messages on the Internet and shaping a society based on tolerance and cultural diversity.

The main objectives of the project were:
– Promote respect for different cultures and knowledge about different nations and religions;
– Launch dialogue and cultural exchange among the participants;
– Encourage respect for diversity and tolerance;
– Achieve a multiplier effect.
– Promote new media as a tool for spreading tolerance and respect for difference among youngsters;
– Make participants ambassadors of multiculturalism with their peers.