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MObility to fight unemployment by granting Volunteering Opportunities to young adults (MOVO) 

(MOVO) is a Small Collaborative Partnership in the field of Sport aiming to support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations. The MOVO project aims to address the sectorial priorities of the sports field within the Erasmus Plus Cooperation Partnerships, with a focus on promoting employability through sports and encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sports.  


Inizio: 01-01-2024 – Fine: 31-12-2025 

Riferimento del progetto: 101134465 

Sovvenzione UE: XXX EUR 

Programma: Erasmus+ 

Azione chiave: Lo sport 

Tipo di azione: Partenariati di collaborazione 


Partner del progetto: 

İznik İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (Türkiye)  

MV International (Italy)  

Faal Derneği (Türkiye)  



Argomenti del progetto: 

  • Career development  
  • Inclusione sociale  
  • Equal opportunities in sport


  • People aged 18+ interested in volunteering to explore the possibility of a career in sport by opening their own sport clubs, as well as to further strengthen their competencies. 


  • Support the sports organisations and sports clubs into the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic through strategies and best practices on improving the knowledge and operational skills of volunteers.
  • Creation of a European network to facilitate the possibility for increasing the exposure of volunteering opportunities in sports organisations for young adults and promote career development for the projects’ young adult target in the sports field.  
  • Fostering professional quality, attractiveness and operational results of grassroots Sport organisations and development of quality professionalism of staff and volunteers through Non-Formal Education and e-learning.   


    MOVO will achieve its objectives by providing a specific approach to the inclusion of young adults in sports organizations’ activities and projects. It will increase the attractiveness and operational reach of these organizations while also filling the present gap in information. This will provide elements to be elaborated upon in further research and project initiatives, ultimately leading to greater opportunities and career development in the sports field for young adults. 

    Progetto ATTIVITÀ 

    Transnational Partner Meetings (TPMs): 

    • Kick-off meeting, Bursa, Türkiye, Participants:8 
    • Mid-term Meeting, Sassari, Italy, Participants:8 
    • Final Evaluation Meeting, Serres, Greece, Participants:8 

    Local Trainings: 

    • Each partner organization will foster Local Trainings, Participants: 10 young adults  


    • Each partner organization will foster Local Activity/Tournament, Participants: 1 trainer + at least 30 people involved