KA1 Adults “EWIBO”

Education Without Borders The project will involve 10 Trainers active staff members of MVI and 3 MVI Board Members (Job Shadowing), with the aim of supporting the development of an…

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KA2 VET "STEP BY STEP" develop the skills they will face in post-secondary education and the workplace of the future through experiential learning.

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KA2 VET INN. “Migrant in Fashion”

Migrant in Fashion   "Migrant in Fashion" (MF) aims at developing entrepreneurial competences of female migrants in Europe within the Fashion sector through tested innovation in existing offer. The methodological…

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KA1 Youth “Green Power”

KA1 Youth MultiActivity Green Power Green Power was a KA1 multiactivity project coordinated by MVNGO and composed of a Training Couse and a Youth Exchange. Green Power involved a target…

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KA1 Youth “Social Entrepreneurship Now”

KA1 Youth TC Social Entrepreneurship Now! "Social Entrepreneurship Now!" was a Training Course that gathered 25 participants (youth workers, social workers, youth leaders) from 11 countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria,…

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