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The strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (known as ET 2020) adopted a benchmark to be achieved by 2020, namely, that the share of early leavers from education and training should be not more than 10 % in the EU-28. 

Project Title: Step by Step
Duration: 01/09/2019 – 31/08/2021
Project reference: 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007534
Funding: 118465 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

According to the Eurostat “Early leavers from education and training”, In 2017, an average of 10.6 % of young people (aged 18-24) in the EU-28 were early leavers from education and training, in other words, they had completed at most a lower secondary education and were not in further education or training during the four weeks preceding the survey. Early leavers from education and training may face heightened difficulties in the labour market. Those not in employment may or may not want to work. In 2017, the 10.6 % of early leavers from education and training were composed as such: a 4.7 % share of the EU-28’s population aged 18-24 were early leavers in employment, while 3.7 % were early leavers not employed but wanting to work, and the remaining early leavers (2.2 % of the population aged 18-24) were not employed and did not want to work. 

Education and career guidance plays an essential part in motivating students affected by SLD and SLI and keeping them engaged in education. It not only provides them with information on the study options and work prospects available, but also helps to identify the careers that may interest them. Guidance staff also support young people suffering from SLD and SLI in developing the skills they need to make good decisions and they enable them to manage their choices better and take responsibility for their own personal growth and development. “Step by Step” (SBS) project is aimed at reducing the above mentioned phenomenon by sharing good practice among EU partners in order to duplicate successfull supportive scheme for school teachers / mentors, business mentors with the puropose of keep SLD and SLI learners motivated by means of Work-Based Learning WBL interconned activities. SBS is aimed at creating a network of international partners actively engaged in fighting early school leaving by stimulating the pro-active attidute of SLD and SLI learners and entrepreneurial spirits. 

Expected Results: 

1) WORKSHOP FOR TRANSFER OF INNOVATION TRAINING FOR TEACHERS / TUTORS AND WORKPLACE TUTOR during which the PP will transfer to the users referents the necessary knowledge to implement programs directed to Training teachers / tutors and workplace tutor in dual learning logic.  

2) CREATION OF CONDITIONS FOR REPLICABILITY OF PRACTICE through the translation of educational contents of two Training courses for Company Tutor and Lecturer in Logic Dual Learning and the agreement for use of e-learning platforms to be used for the realization of part of the learning activities provided in the form of short-term mobility. 



The learning of all participants will be evaluated and certified in accordance with the ECVET. 




Expected impact:  

  • Learners/Participants : 

We expect all participants of the project to enhance their self-esteem being more active in supporting inclusive entrepreneurial education of SLD and SLI youth. We expect them to be ready to share their new knowledge, to be pro-active and encourage others to get involved. In identifying new, creative methods we except the participants to become curiouse themselves and start to be motivated to participate in WBL. Knowing their rights as European citizens and knowing new tools and methods in participation will motivate the participants to become a more active and smart citizens, feeling 

integrated and fully part of the system. 

  • Participant organizations: 

We expect the participant organizations to get motivated to improve their hard and soft skills in the field of social entrepreneurship and inclusive education. The organizations will improve their capacity to perform trainings in a SLD and SLI friendly atmosphere and modify their already existing curricula with new, innovative and inclusive methods. 

SLD and SLI students/youngsters:  

In the project we are focused mainly on youngsters affected by SLD and SLI that feel excluded from the society and often affected by bullism. SLD and SLI participants to the WBL Local Programs may:  

a) Have increased focus and purpose;  

b) Better understand real life issues as they learn academics in context,  

c) Be more goal-oriented; they have a reason for and interest in continuing education,  

d) Develop better problem-solving skills and e) Understand the concept of work and work ethic. 

KA2 VET “STEP BY STEP” develop the skills they will face in post-secondary education and the workplace of the future through experiential learning.

It emphasizes the student-employee as a learner first, provides student skills development through alternative methods of education and training, and rewards and acknowledges learning that occurs on the job. WBL enhances a students’ understanding of classroom theory through participation in its application in the work environment. 

The objective of this Work-Based Learning project is to give high school students enrolled in state approved career technical programs interdisciplinary learning experiences that develop their problem-solving, critical-thinking and communication skills linking their classroom learning with the challenges they will face in post-secondary education and the workplace of the future. 

Inherent in Work-Based Learning is the ability to apply content knowledge critical to the job and to reinforce skill needed for improved performance and quality of work. 

Student-employees develop skills in teamwork and problem solving and learn how to meet employer expectations. 

Student employees carry out tasks understanding the why not just the how, committing fewer errors and producing a higher quality product.