KA2 Youth INN. “Hatebusters”

Name of the project: HateBustersProject Code: 2019-3-AT02-KA205-002565EU Grant: 197820 €Programme: Erasmus+Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicesAction Type: Strategic Partnerships for youthCoordinating Organisation: SUDWIND VEREIN FUR…

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entrepreneurship to empower


"Entrepreneurship to empower" proposes international cooperation for the development of NEETs young people's life skills and entrepreneurial skills

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empower minorities


INTER-DEM is a Strategic Partnership, focused on promoting peaceful interaction, mutual discovery and tolerance between natives and ethnic minorities youth through training young people

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KA2 Youth INN. “Thearthee”

“TheArThee” (TAT) will explore the inclusive potential of theatre and performing arts as a methodology to create opportunity, learn new skills, enhance communication and dispel prejudice against young people facing…

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KA2 Youth INN. “StateCrowd”

Strate-CROWD is a 24 months long Strategic Partnership aiming to enhance the collaboration a the transnational and cross-sectorial partnership among partners coming from Sweden, Greece, Italy and Spain, experienced in…

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KA2 Youth EXCH. “Ucelab”

Project Title: Urban Civic Education Lab (UCE Lab) Project Code: 2020-1-AT02-KA205-002653 Grant: 20.014,00 euro Programme: Erasmus+ Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices Action Tipe: Strategic Partnership for Youth…

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KA2 Adults INN. “EduStoryTelling” MVI

EduStorytellingEST The European Agenda for Adult Learning encompasses the foregoing layers of evolution in its focus on “developing digital literacy and providing opportunities for adults to develop the basic skills…

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KA2 Youth EXCH. “WSTH”
social inclusion and innovation

KA2 Youth EXCH. “WSTH”

"We Shan’t TolerHate" (WSTH) focuses on promoting youth volunteering as an instrument to contrast discrimination against migrants and refugees among the youth categories and within the hosting societies at large

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