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KA2 Youth INN – BioYouToon

Raising Youth Awareness of Biodiversity Conservation via Webtoon is a 24 month Cooperation Partnership aiming at raising awareness and supporting education on the importance of biodiversity among youth, as well as facilitating collaborations between youth NGOs and young researchers, for projects engaging young people in biodiversity conservation actions.

Start: 01/04/2023 End: 31/03/2025                                                                   

Project Reference: 2022-2-DE04-KA220-YOU-000096069

EU Grant: 250.000,00 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+                                                                                                 

Key Action: KA2

Action Type: Cooperation Partnership (Youth)



  • Impactgrid [DE] (Coordinator)
  • NGO Nest Berlin e.V. [DE]
  • XsentrikArts [AT]
  • Nicea Kültür ve Eğitim Derneği [TR]
  • MV International [IT]
  • Polygonal North oy [FI]



Project TOPICS:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Social responsibility of educational institutions
  • Digital skills and competences


Main target group: youth workers, young educators and trainers working in non-formal education organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Secondary target group: young people because they are the heirs of the global crisis that is itself the result of irresponsible habits and preferences of previous generations.



  • Development of skills/methodologies/knowledge among young people and youth NGOs on biodiversity
  • Training of youth workers/educators/trainers on how to integrate environmental sustainability education activities in their jobs
  • Reinforcement of young researchers’ skills in science communication and co-production of knowledge
  • Development of concrete methodologies for match-making youth NGOs and young researchers and facilitating their cooperation in biodiversity conservation actions.



1- E-MANUAL for BIO-YOU-TOON is designed as a practical Guide containing;

* The Consortium-level Research Report

* Training Method to train youth to engage in biodiversity protection actions.

* Joint Staff Training report 


2-BIO-YOU-TOON TOOLKIT includes e-learning platform developed through a co-design process between the Youthworkers and educators involved in the JST and The Bio-Webtoon Comics co-created by the young people involved in thelocal activities and partner organisation.



FB page:



Kick-Off Meeting, 14th of April 2023, Berlin 

Joint Staff Training Event, 23-28 April 2024, Turkey