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Mental health Intervention and Support for Immigrants through Psychotherapy

Implementing PSYCHO-IM is to address the unique mental health challenges faced by immigrants. The project aims to provide valuable resources, knowledge exchange, & practical examples to empower the target group with the understanding & skills needed to tackle mental health issues on an individual level. Through workshops & guidebooks the project strives to create inclusive environments, address stigma associated with seeking help, promote positive mental health outcomes & foster collaboration.

Start:  01-09-2023  -  End:  31-08-2024 

Project Reference: KA210-ADU-000157634

EU Grant: 60.000,00 EUR 

Program: Erasmus + 

Key Action: KA210-ADU 

Action Type: Cooperation partnership in adult education


Project Coordinator: 

Life Learning Development LLD.e.V. (Germany)

Project Partners: 

Nicea Kültür ve Eğitim Derneği (Türkiye)

Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy)

Afridat UG (Haftungsbeschrankt) (Germany) 

Project Topics: 

  • Inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination. 
  • Reception and integration of refugees and migrants. 
  • Physical and mental health, well-being

     Target Groups
  • Immigrants living in Germany, Italy, and Turkey who are experiencing mental health challenges due to factors such as cultural differences, language barriers, social isolation, and discrimination. 
  • Psychotherapists and adult instructors. 
  • Community leaders and organizations. 
  • Government agencies and policymakers.

    Project’s Objectives 

    • Promote physical and mental well-being among immigrants, reduce stress and improve their social integration. 
    • Address the mental health challenges faced by immigrants, such as cultural differences, language barriers, social isolation, and discrimination. 
    • Align with the European Union’s Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion, which emphasizes the need to support the mental health and social inclusion of immigrants. 
    • Contribute to the overall goal of improving the well-being and mental health of immigrants in Europe, particularly in countries with high immigrant populations. 
    • Raise awareness of the mental health challenges faced by immigrants and promote the importance of addressing their mental health needs.



    PSYCHO IM activities, outcomes, and outputs will have significant long-term impacts on the participating organizations and individuals. These impacts include improved capacity building of participants and involved partners/organizations. The project enhances the teaching and learning capacity of the organizations involved and has a high impact on selected participants (educators) in developing their psychotherapy skills and a better understanding of comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation approaches for individuals.

    Project Activities 

    Activity 1: Psycho-IM Psychotherapy support guidebook for the mental health of immigrants. 

    Activity 2: Psychotherapy workshop for educators and immigrants.