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“Digital Citizenship Education – DiCE” 

DiCE will develop an educational programme (adult education) comprising 6 modules, which will provide capacity building with regards to digital citizenship. This will be implemented in 5 EU countries, with at least 180 adult educators. It will also create an online toolkit to enable the digitalisation of that programme, adding new digital features. Finally, it will engage in an awareness campaign promoting digital citizenship, including an international conference and 4 National info days. 

Start: 01-11-2022 – End: 31-10-2024 

Project Reference: N/A 

EU Grant: 250 000,00 

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Key Action: KA2  

Action Type: Adult



Project Partners: 

Eurospeak Limited (IE) 

Oxygono (CY) 

Mine Vaganti NGO (IT) 

Project TOPICs: 

Awareness about the European Union  


A breakdown of the target groups are: 

Education forself-fulfillment.” (all kinds of liberal education programs: education in music, the arts, dance, theatre, literature, arts and crafts, whether brief or long-term. These programs can be re-imagined in order to become means for collective participation and political expression 

Community college staff  

• Social services staff. In addition, the following could be potential stakeholders and pools of local expertise for DiCE 

Higher Education Institutions  

Public Institutions and Social Services  

• Local Community Groups and Authorities  

• Civil Society Organizations  

Policy Makers  

• EU Bodies  


The objectives of DiCE are:  

To incorporate inclusion strategies for marginalised groups in its programme  

To promote digital citizenship in adult education and other sectors, across the EU 



DiCE follows a methodology that logically connects the project overall objectives with the work done in its constituent work packages. This logical connection is further divided into specific objectives for each work package. These objectives correlate to the respective work package’s activities and results. 


The transnational Project meetings are the following: 

OPM 1: M1 – First Partner online meeting. Start of project activities and taking preparatory actions for TPM1 

TPM 1: M2 (Kick – off Meeting, Cyprus) – Presentation of DiCE’s work plan, and its validation by Steering Committee 

OPM 2: M6 – Performance testing and control of R2.2 and R5.1 and R5.2 

OPM 3: M9 – Performance testing of R2.3 and monitoring the development of R2.4. 

TPM 2: M12 Greece – Performance testing of WP2 and R3.1. Planning for upcoming activities in WP3 & WP4. 

OPM 4: M16 – Performance testing of R3.2, R3.3, R4.1. Planning for R3.4 and R.4.2. 

OPM 5: M18 – Performance testing of R3.4. Planning for R4.2. 

OPM 6: M20 – Performance testing of R3.5 , R4.2. Planning for finalisation of R3.6 & R4.3 and preparing for R5.3 

TPM 3: M23 – 24 (Final Meeting, France) – Assessment of all project activities and results. Conducting Final Conference. 



The activities of the project are lead by each partner, as following: 

WP1: Project Managementand CoordinationADSEA01 (Tasks&Responsibilities: coordination of the project; Performance and Control analysis; support the implementation and development work of all partners) 


WP2: Mapping and Content Design&Development-CSI (Tasks&Responsibilities: guide implementation of WP2 activities; safe guard the quality of learning outcomes and their alignment with EQF standards [atleastlevel6]) 


WP3: Development of Online ToolkitACP (Tasks&Responsibilities: oversee the transfer of WP2 results toauser-friendly online format [i.e.onlinetoolkit]; guide the process of localisation of the toolkit; test and validate the toolkit) 


WP4: ImplementationandValidationEL (Tasks&Responsibilities: guide the implementation of DiCE; monitor standards of implementation; ensure credential provision to successful participants in DiCE’sactivities) 



WP5: Dissemination and CommunicationMVNGO (TasksandResponsibilities: draft a communication and dissemination plan and update it through out the project life cycle; produce dissemination content; establish and update the project social media profiles) 


Kick-Off Meeting 

23-24 January 2023, Cyprus