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KA1 Youth “Youth Social Entrepreneur” Uri

“Youth social EntrepreneurS” (YES) ” is a TC that will involve 19 participants from 6 different countries (Italy, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia). The TC will take place in Uri from the 27th to the 31st of January 2020 (5 working days and 2 travel days).
Working methodology of “YES” will be constituted by Social Entrepreneurship tools and Non Formal Education metodologies that will be adapted to participants’ characteristics and learning needs, besides project objectives.
Preference will be given to tools and metodologies enable to combine the experiential aspect and the promptness of NFE with the more professional focus of the TC, for the purpose of maximize activities results in terms of both relationship building and fitting mechanisms, and elaboration of tangible intellectual outputs.
Metodologies used during the TC will be as follows:
-Starting sessions of Ice Breaking to laying the foundations of mutual knowledge within the group. Introduction to the project, methodologies and objectives.
-Team Building activities for the development and consolidation of relationships within the group in order to support the learning process.
-Thematic workshops and roundtables aimed at exploring the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, defining and analyzing their objectives and tools and presenting examples of good practices from all partner countries.
-Work sessions aimed at creating NFE methodologies on the theme of Social Entrepreneurship and the production of a Guide on Social Entrepreneurship Education.
-Work sessions aimed at the production of common project proposals in the Erasmus Plus framework on the theme of Social Entrepreneurship.
The planned TC will engage youth workers, youth leaders and young local administrators.
It was chosen to involve the two mentioned target groups, since they are internal community figures that can act as direct multipliers with youngsters/NEETs.
Each national group will have 3 participants (4 for the proposing organization), as specified below: Youth workers (Youth workers and youth leaders), 2 per country.
Age: 18-35 (except for participation requirements linked to professional development reasons).
Specific requirements:
– be integrated into the structure of the sending organization;
– experience of at least 2 years in working with young people through the methods of non-formal education;
– be interested in the theme of social entrepreneurship and motivated to share knowledge and methodologies and disseminate them within their organization.
Local administrators, 1 per country.
Age: 23-35 (eexcept for participation requirements linked to the promotion of youth integration and local development in the community).
Specific requirements:
– being local administrators in communities characterized by a high incidence of NEET among the youth population;
– be interested in developing Social Entrepreneurship skills and motivated to disseminate them within their community.