KA1 Youth ESC Job “Solidarity Innovation Design”

KA1 Youth ESC Job “Solidarity Innovation Design”

The project “Solidarity Innovation Design” (SID) will  involve 2 french workers for a period of one year.

The purpose of the project is to enable youngsters in order to acquire proper skills and competences to make a start on the labour market while contributing to address important societal challenges by means of a structural work plan, namely:

– Project design training;

– Project management through work shadowing;

– Implementation and participation in local solidarity initiatives.

Mine Vaganti NGO want to exploit the potential of the ESC programme to support the engagement of the participants and local youngsters in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities, starting from the behind-the-scenes of the project proposal concerning the design of specific project proposals focused on the topics of the strengthening cohesion, solidarity, democracy and citizenship in Europe.

Under this prospective, specific objective are both to give a chance to the participant to acquire and improve his/her employability in the framework of youth work and promoting solidarity in the local community.

Therefore, these experiences will enhance their positive societal change, while at the same time improve their skills and competences for personal, educational, social, cultural and professional development, supporting, moreover, transition into the labor market providing them adequate job skills in the framework of the project design and managing.