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KA1 Youth “GOALS” Tempio

The impact of the project will be visible on the participants, on the partner organizations and on the local communities reached in Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.
The impact on each target category will be as follows:
– Increased knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of inclusion through sport and the tools that characterize it, developed through information, methodologies and good practices acquired during the TC.
– Increased motivation, propensity and effectiveness in acting as multipliers of knowledge and methodologies developed during the project and in the implementation of inclusion initiatives aimed at disadvantaged youth groups based on the ENF methodologies acquired through the knowledge and methodologies shared in the course of TC and interaction with other participants.
– Acquisition of networking skills and specific international contacts (both with partner organizations and individual participants) to foster personal and professional development.

– Development of positive attitudes, knowledge, soft skills and transversal skills will support participants in pursuing complete social integration, as well as making informed decisions about their own future, resuming or continuing their schooling or looking for a job position.
– The acquisition of skills and knowledge in the fields of Sport and Non-formal Education will provide the participants with the inspiration and motivation necessary for a potential commitment as sports operators, youth workers or youth leaders actively involved in promoting integration of young people and change at the level of their communities.
– The expansion of one’s own relational sphere following contacts with young people coming from a different country and a different culture will facilitate the adoption of behaviors marked by tolerance and openness in every aspect of the life of the participants.
– Participation in further mobility initiatives within the Erasmus Plus framework and / or further crossborder mobility experiences.

– Partners will acquire new methodologies and functional outputs to pursue the social integration of young people through Sport and Non-formal Education.
– The partner organizations will acquire an important experience of cooperation that will allow them to strengthen their relationships and lay the foundations of a broader thematic network in the future.
– The local communities involved in the project will benefit from a reduced sense of marginalization and youthful apathy, which may be reflected in lower rates of school dropout and greater employability for young people. – Increasing the active participation of young people in their communities, in every form (creation of associations, initiatives).