KA2 Adults INN. “SPEAK”

KA2 Adults INN. “SPEAK”

Speaking skill Performance Enhancement in entrepreneurial customs for sociAl worKers

SPEAK project explores the propitious potential of public speaking and entrepreneurial skills, in order to achieve high ranking results, conceivable for the adults in the process of personal and professional development through enhancement of advanced communication and entrepreneurial skills, with a specific focus on public speaking ability.

Start: 01-12-2020 – End: 30-11-2022                                    
Project Reference: 2020-1-SE01-KA204-077885
EU Grant: 211681 EUR                                               
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practises
Action Type:
Strategic Partnerships for adult education


1- Promote the innovative educational format of speaking skills enhancement, co-creation and peer-interaction.

2- Contribute to the guidance and methodological support to operators in the implementation of co-creation programmes in public speaking targeted at excluded adults by published materials.

3- Reduce the social exclusion of disadvantaged adults by creating and piloting a format for educational offer targeted at social operators and organizations for the development of their capacities in employing speaking skills enhancement, co-creation and peer-interaction.


Direct Targets:

  • Educators/trainers in the adult field providing or interested in developing their understanding of Communicational and Entrepreneurship.
  • Entities with outreach to the targeted categories (NGOs, cultural businesses and associations, Arts centres/groups, Organizations providing services for excluded adult people).

Indirect Targets:

Disadvantaged people aged especially between 18-35 coming from marginalized urban and rural communities.


This will be achieved by designing an innovative methodology regarding the transition of non-formal skills in the field of advanced communication and entrepreneurial expertise, the methodology will be established on the foundation of the Non–Formal Education and competence-based approach to the development and consolidation of freshly accomplished skills.


1- Meetings [Kick-off Meeting, Second Transnational Meeting, Third Transnational Meeting, Last Project Meeting].

2- Outputs
O1: SPEAK Toolkit
O2: Tutorial to SPEAK
O3: Guide to SPEAK
O4:SPEAK Web Platform

3- Events.

4- Short-term joint staff training events.

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