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KA2 Youth INN. “The Power of YouthSelf” MVI

The KA2 project “The Power of YouthSelf” involves organizations from Romania, Italy and Cyprus.
At a time when Europe is facing many difficulties and challenges, the need for strong and innovative youth, ready to face the challenges presented to them, is greater than ever before.
The project aims to foster international cooperation in youth empowerment as an innovative pattern to youth employability and social inclusion with a focus on youth life skills, employability skills and non formal education. The target group is represented by young people with fewer opportunities with competences and skills in manufactory, but do not have effective use of them in the laissez-faire capitalism with the purpose of obtaining financial and social autonomy.
Specific objectives:
-To enhance the life skills and employability of 30 young people with fewer opportunities from the partner organizations through the elaboration of an empowerment curriculum and their participation in training activities on this topic;
-To develop knowledge and skills in the use of ICT tools, online promotion and sale among 30 young people with fewer opportunities
-To develop basic knowledge of the participants in social entrepreneurship and to stimulate capacity building, entrepreneurial thinking and employability through visits to local young entrepreneurs/social entreprises.
The project follows the socio-economic integration of youngsters with fewer opportunities
addressing important aspects of their lives: on one side is focus on the improvement of psychoemotional situation of the target group to participate actively in the socio-economic life of society through their participation in an empowerment course, gives them digital competences and basic knowledge in social entrepreneurship as a mean to overcome barriers and on the other side it creates opportunities for cooperation between them at European level.
Partner organizations in this project will increase their knowledge of youth empowerment education best practices from Europe, as well as enhanced knowledge and operational capacities in youth work and youth empowerment acquired through partaking in project processes, training of internal resources, internal dissemination by the latter.
Acquisition of innovative NFE tools will enable partners to effectively operate as educational providers spreading knowledge, values and tools of youth empowerment among youngsters, as well as to foster their own activities as socially-oriented businesses in youth work.

“Empowering Youth Curricula” is specifically targeted to youth at risks- who are poor with limited resources and opportunities experiencing periodic family crisis and/or being a child welfare case, low skilled youth with disengagement from school and community. The contents of this curricula refer to the identity and self-esteem, the issues faced by these young people as they cross the period from young to adulthood in a world that does not appreciate and understand them. Some content addresses the challenges of life, such as lack of positive patterns, stress, lack of opportunities. And many sessions help young people take the first step towards achieving a better future.