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KA1 Youth”Empower The Employment” MVI

The project will have a substantial impact on participants, partner organizations and target groups (local young people with fewer opportunities and NEET). Impact on participants – Young workers: • Ability to use the NFE knowledge and tools acquired during the TC during their daily activities; • Increased safety and skill in implementing sessions through NFE tools and other methodologies; • Better understanding of the phenomenon of youth unemployment and its social causes and consequences; • Better understanding of the Erasmus + program, with a specific focus on the youth sector. Impact on partner organizations: • Acquisition of NFE tools and other methodologies aimed at providing knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes to train young people with fewer opportunities and NEETs, so that they are able to fit in properly the current labor market; • Strengthening of internal human capital through the training of staff members in TC mobility; • Greater competence in the management and implementation of international projects in terms of processing, management, cooperation, problem-solving, administrative management etc. Impact on Target groups: • The young people of the local communities in which the partner organizations operate will benefit from this project, counting on more competent and active youth workers able to involve them in formative experiences of great social impact. They will also be the first to test the NFE tools created ex novo by youth workers and to make a big contribution by providing feedback on their improvement. Summary of Partici