KA2 Youth EXCH. “WSTH”

KA2 Youth EXCH. “WSTH”

We Shan’t TolerHate

“We Shan’t TolerHate” (WSTH) is a Strategic Partnership lasting 24 months focused on promoting youth volunteering as an instrument to contrast discrimination against migrants and refugees among the youth categories and within the hosting societies at large. WSTH pursues these objectives by means of selecting and training a cluster of youth volunteers actively committed to contrasting feelings and practices of discrimination among young people as well as promoting the positive values of tolerance and respect of diversity enshrined in European identity and citizenship.

Start: 01-05-2020 – End: 30-04-2022                                                                                            
Project Reference: 2019-3-RO01-KA205-077969
EU Grant: 76820.00 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic partnership for youth


The aim is the development of the knowledge, skills and competences to form youth volunteers able to work for contrasting prejudice, racism and xenophobia among the youth and at the same time, promoting the values of tolerance and respect for diversity forming part of a concrete European citizenship.



  • 30 youngsters aged 18-25 of local and migrant origins from each partner country

(10 youngster per partner country)


  • Participating organizations.
  • Stakeholders (NGOs, educational institutions, migrant shelters and associations, public authorities and Municipalities) in partner countries and Europe.
  • Young people, local communities, migrants and refugees in partner countries and in Europe.


The project educational approach will be developed through instruments of NFE partitioned in different thematic stages:

  • Storytelling
  • Sport
  • Art education


  • Research and identification of European good practices in contrasting radicalization and prejudice among young people through Storytelling, Sport and Art.
  • Selection of a cluster of 10 young people per partner country (5 of local and 5 of migrant origins) to take part in the process of educational empowerment delivered in the project.
  • Implementation of 3 Blended Youth Mobilities (1 per partner country) wherein partners will develop the knowledge, skills and competences of selected youngsters in employing unconventional instruments of Non Formal Education (Storytelling, Sport and Art) as tools for contrasting phenomena of racism and xenophobia among their fellow young people, as well as spreading positive values of inclusion and tolerance.
  • Implementing a set of local activities delivered by participating youngsters in each partner country towards an audience of their own peers (locals and migrants). The focus of the activities will be to convey the educational message of the project to youngsters in local realities.
  • Developing educational resources (Research Reports, Manual and Blog) in multiple languages allowing a wide accessibility and disclosure of project results and thereby producing a direct impact on the audience of youngsters and youth operators in partner countries and in Europe at large.