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Augmented Reality contents for cultural travel

RECORD promotes sustainable digital innovation in the tourism and tourism-related service offer connected with lesser- known traditional and cultural festival in peripheral areas of Europe through interactive digital innovation grounded on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. The project focuses on the Cultural Tourism offer. The richness in material and immaterial Cultural Heritage resources characterizing peripheral regions in Europe, coupled by a rich endowment of traditional/cultural occasions of socialization provides important opportunities for the latter to build positive cycles of development supporting the local economic fabric (retailers, restaurants and services, reception facilities, tour operators) through the influx of tourists and related spending. RECORD equips the wider tourism ecosystem of festival tourism in peripheral European regions with innovative digital architectures of disclosure and marketability of tourism offer and Cultural Heritage embedded in cultural and traditional festival based on interactive architectures of Augmented Reality.

Start: 01-11-2021 – End: 01-05-2024
Project Reference: KA220-VET-74318986
EU Grant: 175 430 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation among organisations and institutions

Action Type: Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Project Applicant


Project Partners:

MINE VAGANTI NGO                                                                     [IT]



Rising Pixel S.L. Spain                                                                     [ES]


Project TOPICs:

Inclusion of marginalised young people



  • Marginalised young people
  • Educators forming part of the staff of partner organizations.



  1. Identifying and mapping cultural heritage, tourism offer, and services connected with cultural and traditional cultural in a set of select peripheral regions of Europe
  2. Identifying cultural tourism preferences and profiling the existing categories of consumers in cultural tourism.
  3. Enhancing the visibility and marketability of tourism offer and services connected with cultural/traditional cultural in peripheral European regions and of the related material/immaterial heritage through innovative and user-friendly architectures of customized disclosure tailored to customers’ profiles.
  4. Effecting digital innovation in the provision of tourism and tourism-related offer and services connected with cultural tourism through the integration of interactive, personalized and attractive modes of disclosure and supply grounded on Augmented Reality ensuring full exploitation of the capillary diffusion of mobile device technologies.
  5. Developing new VET capacities and offer to allow the provision of sectorial training targeted at actual and prospective professionals in the field of tourism and tourism-related services with a focus on exploiting and implementing the opportunities of tourism service visibility, marketability and innovative digital delivery provided by Augmented Reality.
  6. Setting the stage of exploitation of project digital architectures by tourism and service operators established in the identified geographical niches of cultural tourism in a perspective of sustained impact and geographic transferability to further cultural tourism clusters in partner countries and Europe.



The project prioritizes digital innovation in the modes of disclosure and supply of tourism offer and services in peripheral regions of Europe. RECORD supports the growth of a customized tourism offer building on the potential of Augmented Reality as an innovative, attractive and interactive technology of access to the tourism experience with a focus on providing new opportunities of marketability to the tourism offer and services connected with the lesser known traditional/cultural sites and the related cultural heritage- material and immaterial- in European peripheral regions. The project focus the possibility to have travelers invested in a variety of cultural sites of the partners country through the sharing of facts and information once the site is “discovered” and found on the project app From the perspective of methodological innovation, RECORD equips the wider tourism ecosystem of cultural tourism in peripheral European regions with innovative digital architectures with a view to fostering resilience to the challenges and exploitation of the opportunities provided by the present trends of evolution in the tourism market.




Transnational Project Meetings:

  • KOM in Turkey
  • Mid-Term Meeting in Italy
  • Final Evaluation Meeting in Spain

Joint Staff Training Events:

The JSTE will be held in Italy and will involve 5 educators from each partner organisation.

Multiplier Events:

Each partner country will implement a Multiplier Event.

Project’s Results

PR 1: Virtual Database embedded in a specific webplatform.

PR 2: APP compatible with Android and IOS configurations integrating Augmented Reality contents (animations, maps, interactive models, virtual tour guiding, etc.) to convey on demand information about the material and immaterial heritage connected with individual events.

PR 3: Manual for operators in the field of VET produced for practical support to on the-job training and vocational programmes focused on Augmented Reality in the cultural tourism field.