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KA1 Youth “The Harmony of the Sounds”

K1 Youth TC Harmony of Sounds

The training course (TC) Harmony of the Sounds was a project that involved 25 social workers, teachers, youth leaders who are working with young people with fewer opportunities in post conflict countries (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers).

The aim of the project was to use non formal education tools, mainly the music and arts, as a tool to contrast racism and discrimination of other cultures. The TC was held in Fertilia – Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, March 11- 18, 2015 (Travel Days incl.) The following 11 countries were involved in the project: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, in total 25 participants.

The working language was English. The overall aim of the project was to promote NFE methodologies for building peace through music facilitating intercultural dialogue. Through this project, we wanted to strengthen the ancient links between music and human being, proposing the use of music as a matter to promote the sense of cohesion between the EU and neighboring countries (Caucasus and Balkans).

This mobility project (TC) was dealing with the importance of reconciliation and peacebuilding process stimulating the sense of solidarity and promoting the intercultural dialogue. The project focused on different topics as well as proposed the participants different methodologies that can be used in order to work on the topics of the projects. The project focused on a non formal education approach based on music as a tool to contrast racism and discrimination of other cultures. Music is the perfect language to communicate, to live in harmony and peace.

Music is a powerful tool for social change.