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Europe For Citizens “Discovering Ancient Roots” Nuoro-Elche

Discovering ancient Roots

MVNGO was the coordinating organisation of the Europe for Citizens project “Discovering ancient Roots”.

The aim targeted by the Project was to underline the importance of European integration through traditions.

The Municipality of Nuoro in Sardinia (Italy) and Elche in Spain have many similarities: they share very ancient roots and common values. Ancient traditions are fundamental veichle for promoting a sustainable tourism for their territory.

The project consisted in gathering 50 participants of different ages from both municipalities in Sardinia to create a moment of knowledge and mutual understanding and an occasion for exchanging ideas, raising awareness about common issues and studying solutions to common problems, discovering respective cultural heritage and having the pleasure to meet each other.

The main theme of the project was based on the promotion of social tourism (common roots) mostly focus on traditions like carnival, folks, food and beverages, etc.

With this project we proposed ourselves to raise awareness about the valorization of both traditions in order to attract tourists creating new opportunities of employability. One of the aims was to share best practices about cultural tourism. Three main areas of activities:

Cultural events: intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through ancient rites;

Events about active citizenship and employability: cultural tourism and new job opportunities, analysis of common problems and how to face them creating twining cultural events;

Workshops and lectures about common issues: European citizenship, cultural tourism (educational tour in the archeological site area).

The choice of these areas was aimed at allowing the direct involvement of citizens, cultural events and informal meetings. Nuoro and Elche have in common a strong touristic tradition but usually, tourists usually don’t experience the full beauty of these regions, but just the sea. In the context of the above, the two municipalities read and signed the Twinning Oath.