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Collaborative Sport Big “FAMS”

Fostering FemAle Management leaders in SportS

FAMS aims at fostering gender equality in sports coaching and teaching and attaining equal representation in decision-making. In this frame, FAMS aims at providing concrete and efficient solutions to support mothers’ work-life balance and prevent the abandonment of sport by women. 


Start: 01.04.2022End: 10.10.2023

Project Reference:  

EU Grant: 400 000 EUR 

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Key Action: Cooperation Partnership 

Action Type: Sport 


Project Partners: 

Coordinating Organization: Asociatia Se Poate, Bucharest, Romania 

Partner organizations:  

  1. MINE VAGANTI NGO, Sassari, Italy 
  2. Univerzitet Union Nikola Tesla, Belgrad, Serbia 
  3. UNEFS, Bucharest, Romania 
  5. MUNDUS BULGARIA, Bulgaria 
  6. Rijeka Sport’s Association, Rijeka, Croatia 


Project TOPICs: 

  • Sport 
  • Gender equality 
  • adult education 
  • women leadership 


The target group of FAMS are women (with or without children) interested in leadership roles in sports organisations and women working as staff members in sport clubs as managers and coaches engaged in the activities. 



The overall objectives of FAMS are as follows: 

  1. conduct a research aimed at:
  • identifying the educational needs of female sport amateur mothers in specific sectors connected with the sport field such as Social Media Management, Administrative Management, Sport Management, Accounting, Marketing, PR Management, Coaching and Training;  
  • mapping sectoral stakeholders such as educational providers, sport federations, sport managers, coaches and trainers and existent educational best practices regarding the abovementioned sectors. Each partner will produce a National Report that will converge in a final research Report. 
  1. developing Technical Curricula specifically targeted at:
  • female amateur mothers with children (aged 0-5) who are unable to work in an office or – more specifically – outside the house due to their commitment as mothers. Consortium partners individualised two curricula which match the target needs and are linked with roles internal to Sport bodies and organizations:  Social Media Manager and Administrative Staff. 
  • female Athlete mothers with children who are able to work outside the house as the children is already at school age. Consortium partners individuated 6 curricula connected with the Sport sector and providing technical competences in different profiles needed for the operation of modern Sport bodies and organisations: Sport Manager, Accounting Staff, Marketing Staff, PR staff, Coach and Trainer. 
  1. create Training Formats based on the technical Curricula which will be tested through local programmes implemented by each partner organisation
  2. develop a web-platform containing e-learning modules and video tutorials based on the curricula and a counselling APP targeted at female amateur athletes mothers who are dealing with the discrimination and inequity at sport club aimed at providing psychological support and mentoring for recent new mothers and female with children who became successful after leaving the professional Sport career.



WP1- Project management and monitoring (M1-M30) 

WP2- Research and development of Technical Curricula (M2-M10) 

WP3- Development and testing of Training Formats (M11-M19) 

WP4 – Set up of web-platform and APP development (M18-M27) 

W’5- Dissemination and use of the project and its result (M1-M30) 



Transnational Project meetings: 

  1. Kick-off meeting: Zagreb, Croatia 

During the KOM Univerzitet Union Nikola Tesla, coordinator of the Research phase, will present the work methodology of the research phase. 

2. Mid-term Meeting: Belgrave Serbia 

During this meeting Consortium Partners will implement the mid- term evaluation of the project. Moreover, the state-of-the-art of the Technical Curricula and the Training Formats will be presented and feedback will be gathered from the trainers involved in the meeting 

3. Final Evaluation Meeting: Chianja, Romania 

Final Evaluation Meeting in which Consortium partners will produce: 

– A Final Financial report aimed at providing financial transparency of the overall implementation of the project. 

– Final Evaluation report. 

Local training (workshop): Chianja, Romania – Sassari, Italy – Blegrade, Serbia – Bucarest, Romania –  Brussels, Belgium – Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The local trainings will be implemented at local level by the partner organisation, with the involvement of female potential leaders. 


Intellectual outputs: 

  • Sport Sector Curricula (SSC) 
  • Research Report on gender balance needs of female amateur Athletes 
  • FAMS Training Formats 
  • “Females Leaders in Sports” Web Platform 
  • “Mentoring Programme: Becoming Sport Businesswoman” APP 


Kick-Off Meeting – 5th to 7th of September 2022

Bucharest, Romania

Steering Committe Meetings