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Collaborative Sport Big “DU MOTION”

Project Title: DU MOTION 

Duration: 01/01/2020 –  30/06/2022

Project reference: 613323-EPP-1-2019-1-HR-SPO-SCP

Funding: 292.330,00 €

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Sport

Action Type: Collaborative Partnership 

The goal of DU MOTION project is to educate volunteers in the service of organization of national and international sporting events. The organization of every sport competition requires the engagement of volunteers, the number is less modest at home / local and regional competitions, but for the organization of European and world competitions, the number of volunteers involved in activities is often exceeded by 300, 400 persons. With this project, we want to encourage volunteers to further actively engage not only in sporting events, but also in sports clubs and sports organizations, as they will increase their competences, develop skills, and open up opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Volunteers will also participate in international competitions outside of their country with additional value, acquire new knowledge, new acquaintances, and create positive networking. We emphasize that we will take special care when selecting volunteers to include people with disabilities and people from marginalized groups.

During the project implementation, we will educate a minimum of 240 volunteers. Volunteers perform many critical roles in sport including serving as coaches, officials, team managers, administrators, and board and committee members; with many individuals filling multiple roles. Volunteers contribute to the social and economic value of sport, particularly at the community grassroots level.

Intellectual Outputs:

IO1 Data Collection, research and analyses “A volunteer in the function of sport”.

IO2 Module 1 – Event Management.

IO3 Module 2 – Logistic Services.

IO4 Module 3 – Facilities (Indoor and outdoor venue).

IO5 Module 4 – Organization of competition.

IO6 Handbook