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CP Big Sport “Re-SPORT”

Youths Post-rehab Sport Activation 

After rehabilitation or treatment in hospitals young people with disabilities often could not engage in many sports due to their physical limitations related to their illness or disability. This gives rise to certain psychological problems, reduced self-esteem and self-confidence. We want to enable young people with disabilities to participate equally in sports activities, taking into account their health condition.  


Start: 01-01-2021 – End: 30-06-2023 

Project Reference: 622072-EPP-1-2020-1-SI-SPO-SCP 

EU Grant: 340990 EUR EUR  

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Key Action: Sport  

Action Type: Collaborative Partnerships 


Project TOPICs: 

– Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport,  

– promote voluntary activity in sport,  

– promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development 


a) youth with disabilities  

b) volunteers from sport organisations 


Professionals from 8 project partners’ countries will try to recognize the problems that are preventing young people with disabilities from participating in sports after the rehabilitation. They will collect local, regional, national and European best practices and concepts in the field of innovative approaches for motivation youths with disabilities for sports and developed a set of exercises to raise their inclusion in sport activities. 

Creating an on-line learning portal for blended learning will enable execution of two kinds of workshops with the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of sport for health and prevention of injuries during execution of sports exercises for youths with disabilities. 

Particular attention will be given to the pursuit of outdoor sports activities in nature, using existing outdoor facilities,  because of the free accessibility and the importance of being physically active outdoor. 


Numerous Intellectual Outputs will be developed:  

IO 1: On-line pre-event survey research with youths with disabilities (SURVEY REPORT) 

IO 2: Guide of best practice in the field of motivating young persons with disabilities in sport (PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL) 

IO 3: Manual of various types of disabilities and disability management (PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL) 

IO 4: E-learning portal for education and learning material, including video and guidelines for developed exercises for youths with disabilities (Open education resources – OER)  

IO 5: “Re-Sport” program with set of optimal outdoor sports and exercises for youths with disabilities after rehabilitation/treatment (GUIDELINES) 

IO 6: Innovative programme “Re-Sport Volunteers” for volunteers, coaches and trainers from different local sport organisations, associations and clubs (PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL) 

IO 7: Learning material for youths with disabilities and their parents, including their mentors teachers, special pedagogues (in schools, rehabilitation centres etc.) for implementation training of the innovative programme “Re-Sport Youths” (PEDAGOGICAL MATERIAL) 

IO 8: On-line post-event survey research with youths with disabilities (SURVEY REPORT) 

5 partners meetings (2 participants/partner) in:

1. Slovenia, Ljubljana (April 2021) 

2. Croatia, Rijeka (November 2021) 

3. Belgrade, Serbia (April 2022)

4. Italy, Sassari (September 2022) 

5. Greece,Thessaloniki (April 2023)

Multiplier Event: 

8 “Sport event competitions “Re-Sport” with youth with disabilities (one per partner country) 

N° of participants:  30 


Youths with disability, Parents 

Teachers, mentors, special pedagogues 

Sport experts, trainers and sport volunteers, coaches, trainers,  

Relevant stakeholders 

The multiplier sport event “Re-Sport” will be organized to demonstrate the developed  outdoor sport programme “Re-Sport” with youth with disabilities. 

The event will be led by experienced volunteers, sport professionals who successfully finished the workshop “Re-Sport” and are experienced in the field of sports practice with sports background as trainers, instructors, trainers of group exercises. 

The sport event will be organized as kind of competition between youngsters on simple sport exercises and tasks.