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Capacity Building Youth “CEED”

Circular Economy into Art through Eco-Design

The project “Circular Economy into Art through Eco-Design” (CEED) aims to increase competencies of youth workers in circular economy principles translated in eco-design, crafting skill and foster their entrepreneurial attitude, know-how to initiate their own start-up business

Project Title: Circular Economy into Art Through Eco-Design
Duration: 07/12/2019 – 06/12/2021
Project reference: 2017-1-PT01-KA204-035777
Funding: 96.698 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in neighbouring and enlargement countries

Target Group
Youth workers and leaders from partner organizations, disadvantaged youngsters involved in local activities, youngsters

Project Activities: 

2 Transnational meetings

Project objectives 

The project is supportive of the identified priorities as follows:

– Supporting empowerment, employability and social inclusion of youngsters in rural and urban areas by means of enhancing the role and effectiveness of youth organizations in promoting youth engagement in circular economy projects

– Foster the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by introducing methods to start up a waste-eco-business, eco-design of bulky waste

– Developing a cluster of tested knowledge, best practices and NFE tools of youth education to Recycling Waste -Business based on a complementary synergy of country and region-specific experience, sensibilities, and approaches

– Promoting principles and practices of environmental respect and sustainability across Europe, the Western Balkans and other regions of the World

– Raising awareness about the issues of circular economy and sustainability as a key determinant of youth employability and participation as well as the long-term viability of rural communities and national societies in both Europe and the Western Balkans

– Fostering financial sustainability of youth businesses through establishing support mechanisms for the identification of customized funding solutions participated by potential youth entrepreneurs and stakeholder

– Establishing a long-term thematic network in the field of circular economy/eco-design among NGO actors, potential youth recycle entrepreneurs and stakeholders

– Promote the European Union values and its objectives towards Circular Economy and Green Growth

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