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MVI EYF Structural Funds 2020

Detailed Programme of Activities for 2020
The year 2020 was dedicated to implementing the first stage of the Strategic Approach set by the MV International network for the biennium 2020-2021. The programme has a local and transnational character, comprised of online Social Campaigning efforts spanning the 45 member countries of MVI (37 in Europe plus 8 associate countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America).
Activities implemented are:

Activity – Priority Access to rights:

  • 25th -26th of November 2020 Seminar for youth workers: a transnational seminar focused on providing required knowledge and instrument about Human Rights Education to Youth Workers who are members of Network organisations. During the seminar, Youth Workers cooperated in order to create some workshops for the programme for the Training for potential junior youth workers and the one to be proposed to local schools in 2021.

Activities – Priority Youth participation and Youth work

  • 23rd – 24th of November 2020 Training for Trainers (Webinar): during the Training, participating potential Trainers acquired specific knowledge regarding Non Formal Education methodology and its tools. Senior Trainer gathered the specific educational needs and topics of the intervention of the participants in order to frame a targeted webinar. On the last day, supported by the Senior Trainer, potential Trainers developed a learning programme to be delivered in a set of local activities that will be implemented with an audience of young people in 2021.

Activity – Priority Inclusive and peaceful societies

  • 30th November – 1st December 2020 Transnationals co-creation group sessions of Trainers: virtual sessions of co-creation among Trainers focused on creating specific educational programmes focused on the issues and related rights of specific social groups (e.g. Roma youth and other minority groups, young refugees; young people with disabilities, LGBTQI young people and young women and girls) targeted at young people. Trainers implemented a preparatory activity gathering all the existent publications and materials (e.g. Guides, Manuals, Toolkits) to be used as a base for the programmes. During the sessions, new NFE tools were created and integrated in the programmes, which will be tested, in their finalised version, during local pilotings in 2021.

All the workshops created during the activities were collected in a Toolkit for Human Rights Education.

Social Campaign for the year 2020.

The Social Campaign was carried out in a digital fashion (Social Media and Website) across all the countries and continents represented in MV International (45 countries represented by as many organisations in Europe [CoE area], Africa, Asia and Latin America), with the contribution of MVI’s member organisations and of interested NGOs/youth groups external to the network.
The campaign “Digital Education For All” supported the right to access digital education of all those disadvantaged groups of young people.