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MVNGO EYF 2017 “ReAct to Avoid DiscriminHate”

MVNGO EYF 2017 “ReAct to Avoid DiscriminHate”

ReAct to Avoid DiscrimHate was a Skills Development Activity granted and supported by Council of Europe and its European Youth Foundation and took place June 10-15th, 2017.

The main objective of the Activity was to equip potential youth workers/cultural mediators with awareness, knowledge and instruments to counter Islamophobia among youngsters through Non Formal Education (NFE) methods and cultural exchange, with a view to addressing the current situation across Europe.

The core focus was to share and develop awareness as well as understanding sensitizing young people towards the necessity of rejecting and contrasting Islamophobia in the frame of the No Hate Speech Movement values, while at the same time empowering the latter for this purpose.

The project hosted 16 participants from Italy.

Participants were local and youth Muslim migrant youngsters aged 18-30 (8 participants per category) interested in acquiring knowledge, attitudes and instruments to be active part in rejecting and contrasting Islamophobia in their own communities and at the different levels. Italian youth participants were selected by MineVaganti NGO through an open call for participants.


The activities were coordinated through non formal education methods (as group work and activities, presentations, workshops and personal assignments, meetings with trainers, experts etc.).

The Activity was implemented in cooperation with the local association NEMESI, which manages a shelter for youth migrants in Sassari named “Baiona-Campanedda”.

Youth Muslim migrants taking part in the activity were be selected among the youth migrant guests of the shelter.

During the project, participants worked on the production of 2 specific outputs:

– “Dealing with Racism Through Non Formal Education” Video, representing a purposeful summary of the whole Learning process.

– “Resource Toolkit Against Islamophobia” Webinar, comprising 3 original NFE instruments for contrasting Islamophobia elaborated by participants. 

Manual project Re-Act to Avoid DiscriminHate