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Young Crafts Women Business Go Digital

The project is a cooperation partnership aimed at promoting the up-skilling in digital entrepreneurship of young women (18 to 30 years) with basic craft skills or already involved in creative business through the creation of an innovative cross-sectoral educational format comprising digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills and the establishment of a dedicated e-commerce platform to promote and sell their products. Within the framework of potential efforts and strategies to boost employment and job creation for young people, entrepreneurship is increasingly accepted as an important means and a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve livelihoods and economic independence of young people. It is an innovative approach to integrating youth into today’s changing labour markets.

Start: 01-11-2021 – End: 01-11-2023

Project Reference: 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000028933

EU Grant : 143.582,00 €

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation partnerships in youth

Action Type: Youth mobility

Project Partners:

Coordinating Organization:



MV International (IT)

Helpu e.V. (DE)

Active Cypriot Programs and European Learning Into Acceptance, ACPELIA(CY)

MB “Efekto grupe” (LT)

Project TOPICs:

Creativity, arts and culture

Digital skills and competences


Young women (18 to 30 years) with basic craft skills or already involved in creative business


  1. Promote the acquisition of key competences and the up-skilling of women in digital marketing and entrepreneurship in order to improve their competitiveness and potential in creative business;
  2. Empower craft women in the e-commerce field with the creation of a dedicated sales web platform;
  3. Promoting self-entrepreneurship, economic independence and social inclusion of women in EU countries through the newly acquired digital competences.


[NFE methods, initiatives and actions…etc.]


R1 – A tested and validated e-learning course to teach digital marketing (focus on social media management) and entrepreneurial skills in the field of craftsmanship. The e-course was tested and reviewed during the Blended mobility involving crafts women.

R2 – An ecommerce platform specifically dedicated to the promotion and selling of craft items realized by young women.

R3 – A comprehensive digital toolkit to support the e-commerce platform.

Kick-off Meeting – 27th of March 2022                                  Malaga, Spain

Mid-term Meeting – 9th 11th of February 2023                    Sassari, Italy

Training Course- 22th to 29th of May 2023                              Malaga, Spain

Final Evaluation Meeting- 17th to 19th Of November 2023                         Kaunas, Lithuania