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KA2 Youth EXCH. “We Have the Same Beat!” MVI

The project “We have the same beat!” was a transnational youth Strategic Partnership aimed at involving young people in the creation / implementation of attractive activities together with yougsters with special needs in order to sustain their integration as well as overcoming prejudices and discriminatory attitudes of community members.

WHSB  lasted 2 years and involved a total of 30 young people, of which 15 with special needs.

The partner countries were Romania, France and Italy. Young people, with and without special needs, were encouraged to work together on specific activities and workshops, representing a progressive training to the final show “Leave the sign “which closed the project and presented a group of young people working together in an attempt to “break the wall”, a metaphor to represent the promotion of social inclusion of youth with disabilities.

The project represented a youth initiative developed in a context based on non-formal education methods.

It was in line with increasing living standards and quality of life of young people with special needs by addressing emotional content and expressive activities, respecting the fundamental rights of persons with special needs, promoting non-discrimination, equal opportunities and social change.

A first key tangible output of the project was represented by the elaboration of the “Leave the Sign!” Guide. The Guide was a methodological resource, produced in English and translated in all partners’ languages, targeted at youth workers/leaders and operators employed in stakeholder institutions willing to acquire a better understanding regardinghow to implement  educational activities for supporting social and educational inclusion of young people with special needs.

The second  tangible output of the project was a specific Website conceived as a tool to for youth to promote their talents by participating in various organized events or for sharing developed events in art & culture.

The English and the Italian version of the “Leave the Sign!” Guide are presented through the direct links below:

WHSB Leave a sign! GUIDE OFF