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KA2 Youth EXCH. “A Story of Europe” MVI

Ka2 Youth EXCH. “A Story of Europe” (ASE)


“A Story of Europe” (ASE) was a 24 month Strategic Partnership for the Exchange of Good Practices in the field of Youth coordinated by MV International with the cooperation of 2 partner organizations from Spain and Bulgaria.

The project aimed at promoting Social Entrepreneurship among disadvantaged migrant NEETs as a means to foster their transition to autonomy and employability/entrepreneurial engagement.

All the partner organizations are experienced in working with migrants, also with a specific reference to Young migrants facing social as well as economic disadvantage.

The target group involved by the project was composed of Young people with a migrant background facing challenges as lack of inclusion, low employability, fewer opportunities and marginalization. Linguistic barriers and educational gaps, compared to their non-migrant peers, hamper their development of skills and knowledge, employability potential and personal development thus setting integration challenges that the formal education structures in Europe are only partially able to fill.

ASE delivered on the priority of promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among NEET Young people as well as of developing relevant and high-quality skills and competences for migrants through a coordinated effort whereby partner organizations will individuate, collect and improve existing good practices in the field, share successfully tested methods internal to partner organizations and develop high quality educational support schemes to socially-oriented entrepreneurship, to be thereafter tested with ultimate migrant targets.

Project methodology was grounded on a combination between Digital Storytelling, Sport Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding as methods of entrepreneurial empowerment.

The project results were successfully spread among the wider community of youth operators, youth organizations and stakeholder entities through a series of local dissemination events.

The activities foreseen belong to three main categories:

1- Research activities.

Partner organizations will carry out transnational research aimed at identifying and exchanging good practices in entrepreneurial education of Youth migrants through Digital Storytelling, Sport Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding. The geographical scope of the research was represented by the partner countries, whereas transectoriality was the main focus on both the NGO and the stakeholder sectors. Research results will be integrated into specific national State-of-the-art Reports, to be thereafter processed into a European-level Report.

2- Project management/coordination.

Constant online communication complemented by Transnational Partners’ Meetings, of which 5 were organized throughout the 24 months of project duration.

3- Learning Activities.

Partner organizations processed the results of the research carried out in the first phase of the project into the production of 3 different Educational Formats based on respectively Digital Storytelling, Sport Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding that was tested with the ultimate youth targets. For the purposes of testing a total of 3 Blended Mobilities of Young People were implemented (1 per partner country) with the involvement of a total of 30 Youth migrant NEET participants (10 per partner country). The initiatives, which involved the same group of participants, composed of a wider pattern of entrepreneurial development targeted at providing youngsters with the needed soft/transversal skills in the field of Social Entrepreneurship.

The final results of the project were the following;

  • An “Entrepreneurial EmPOWDERment Guide”, conceived as a practical reference for youth operators, stakeholders, and youngsters interested in the topic of entrepreneurial education of disadvantaged youth migrants as a tool of empowerment, employability and active participation channeled by a socially oriented business. The Guide is available English and translated into the national language of each partner.
  • Web Platform “A Story of Europe”(For further information, visit the dedicated Website),  wherein the contents and materials developed in the project are integrated as OER modules, The Web Platform stores a digitalized, multilingual version of the project “Entrepreneurial EmPOWDERment Guide”.
  • During the project was developed a blog where participants collected share their feelings and experience.