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KA1 Youth TC “Are Youth Kidding?” Uri

K1 Youth TC Are Youth Kidding

The Municipality of Uri implemented the Erasmus Plus KA1 multiactivity project (2 Training Courses) “Are Youth Kidding” with the cooperation of Mine Vaganti NGO.

The main topic of the project was to address the issue of Satire in connection with respect for different identities and adherence to the No Hate Speech values.

Are Youth Kidding involved 36 youth workers/leaders in two interrelated and interconnected events with the twofold purpose of engaging:
Youth leaders interested in the issues addressed and in their implications on promotion of tolerance, social inclusion and cultural dialogue.
Youth workers involved in communication and dissemination sharing the concern for balancing attention to innovative strategies and instruments of communication (i.e. satire on social networks) with requirements of non discriminatory and responsible communication.

The activities of the project were the following:

  • Practical Seminar “Humour and Hate Speech. Can you tell the difference?”

The Seminar was held in Uri (Sardinia, Italy), between November 5-12 2015, with the involvement of Young people aged 18-35 interested in the themes of Satire and/or communication.

The goals we set for the seminar can be summarized as follows:
– To empower youth leaders with tools to master satire as a method for transmitting values and ideas.
– To sensitize youth leaders on the themes of non discriminatory speech and inclusive communication.
– To stage the ground for an encounter between different cultural sensibilities on the issue with youths as the central actors of exchange and mediation.
– To elicit a dynamic of dissemination within national organizations reaching out to youth operators on the field thereby strengthening organizational sensibility on the issue as well as organizational capacities.

  • Training Course “The Language of Satire: Potentialities and Misuse. Rules of Engagement for an Inclusive Communication”

The Training Course was held in Uri between 29 February and 7 March, with the participation of Youth workers aged 18+ involved in the field of communication/dissemination.

The aims of the Training Course were:

– To provide youth operators operating/involved with different roles in the field of communication/dissemination with the knowledge and methods to engage in inclusive and non-discriminatory communication.
– To endow participants with an understanding of how satire might undergo a distortion for discriminatory or hate purposes as well as produce the same result through a careless use.
– To enhance integration of activities among participant organizations, sharing of best practices as well as set the ground for eventual follow-ups in the same field with a view on widening the net of actors interested and involved in initiatives in this field (other NGOs, local communities, network of experts etc.).