You are currently viewing KA1 Youth ESC Local Activity “Sport for Solidarity and Volunteering”

KA1 Youth ESC Local Activity “Sport for Solidarity and Volunteering”

A group of solidarity volunteers highlighted the lack of involvement in sports and volunteering across Europe, therefore, thanks to the support of MVNGO team, have decided to react and to contribute for changing mindsets in these regards, especially among youth, since they play a crucial role for initiating changes in society. 

The main idea of this project is to contribute positively on local level by organizing a range of sport events in a 3 days tournament, in view of motivating youngsters to better engage in sports and volunteering activities. The lateral objectives of this initiative regard the personal and professional development of the volunteers, so that they act as multipliers of the gained knowledge further in their daily work within various organizations and local communities. 

Main project objectives: 

• To raise awareness and motivation about participation in grassroots sports and healthy behaviour among groups of young people 

• To encourage volunteering in sports by developing understanding of its principles and values among youth • To explore sport as a tool for promotion of volunteering and values vehicle among youth

• To equip volunteers with competences for using sport for enhancing volunteering 

• To empower participants to act as multipliers of the EU values of solidarity and social inclusion through sport within local communities and beyond.