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Good governance and sustainability in sport practice – GAIA 

As sport is an integral part of society, it cannot ignore environmental and sustainable development issues. As with any activity, sport both has an impact on the environment and is affected by it. GAIA aims to create awareness on the topic and foster the implementation of good governance and sustainability actions. In fact, sport presents broad opportunities to promote environmental awareness, capacity building and far-reaching actions for environmental, social and economic development across society. Thus, GAIA aims to conduct a research on the inclusion of good governance and sustainability principles in sports organisation; develop a curriculum on Sustainability and Good Governance for members of Sports organisations ; elaborate a training programme on Sustainability and Good Governance; co-develop with the final users a Sustainable Sport Governance Chart.  


Start: 05-2022 –  End: 11-2024   

Project Reference:  

EU Grant: 400.000 EUR   

Programme: Erasmus+   

Key Action: CP Big Sport 

Action Type: ERASMUS Lump Sum Grants  


Project Partners:   


L’ Orma SSD ARL (Italy)  

Oltalom Sportegyesulet (Hungary)  

Asociación Biodiversa (Spain)  

Urban Research and Education UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (Germany)  

Zdruzhenie za zashtita i unapreduvanje ne zhivotnata sredina eko-logik  Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia)   

Project TOPICs:   


Sport organizations governance 


  1. Sport organizations’ and clubs’ staff
  1. Educators, trainers, mentors, sports managers, coaches and trainers, athletes, and volunteers of Sport Clubs and organisation, stakeholders and policy makers.


1 – Define and provide members of Sports organisations with adapted skills, competences, and attitudes to act as Sustainable Good Governance officers within their organisation. 

2 – Establish a network of informed and committed sports organisations, pledging to the Sustainable Sport Governance Chart and committing to adapt their governance and structure to as many principles as possible 


GAIA Project methodology is based on a cooperative division of work among Consortium partners, which are experienced in the field of project management and in the field of Sport and education. The division of work envisages a complementarity in the tasks and areas of expertise between partner organisations, while being tailored to achieve the maximum output from the cooperation itself. 


The project will develop an e-learning course on sustainable governance for sport organizations’ and clubs’ staff and a Sustainable Sport Governance Chart to pledge to interested organizations. Moreover, it will conduct a research on the state-of-the-art of the inclusion of good governance and sustainability principles in the code of ethics of sports organisation in order to understand the needs and obstacles of sports organisations to comply with good governance and sustainability principles. 

3 Transnational meetings are also planned:  

  1. KOM:Kick-Off-Meeting in Belgrade (Serbia)

2.TPM 2: Mid-term Meeting in Budapest (Hungary) 

  1. 3. EVM: Final Evaluation Meeting in Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia) 

To foster  project’s outputs and involve as many sport organisations as possible, the project will implement six local training course, six local seminars and six multiplier event in each country involved. Moreover an international 8-days-long seminar to be held online and an international multiplier event in Skopje are foreseen.