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“Curricular Innovation for Synergy between Community 

Sport and Activism” 


The underlying rationale of the project “Curricular Innovation for Synergy between Community Sport and Activism” (CISCA) aims to address the priority of “inclusion and diversity” by strengthening cooperation between grassroots. To support this aim, CISCA will directly address the pressing need for social inclusion in and through Sport within European neighbourhoods while at the same time exploring new approaches and synergies operationalizing the social dimension of Sport and the European dimension of trans sectorial cooperation in Sport, with a focus on civil society organizations/activists and Sport groups/associations. Our project will develop a curriculum for exploring the potentials of sport activities in supporting participation and civic engagement linked to the different issues of neighbourhood management such as urban planning, urban regeneration, social inclusion, diversity management, environmental issues, access to infrastructures, use of public spaces, etc. 



Duration in Months: 30 Months 

EU Grant: ? 

Call: ERASMUS -SPORT-2022 (Sport 2022) 


Action Type: ERASMUS-LS (ERASMUS Lump Sum Grants) 

Proposal number: 101090041 

Proposal acronym: CISCA 


  • SPORTSKA ZAJEDNICA GRADA PORECA ( Croatia) – Coordinator 
  • MINE VAGANTI NGO (IT) – Partner 


To strengthen the interaction between sport and local communities by supporting the role of local grassroots sport organisations and sport events as strong community building tools and generators of social activism and engagement in socially disadvantaged urban areas. Identify and disseminate innovative approaches vaporizing the social and community dimension of sport. 


The target groups of the project are: 

  • Sport operators (Trainers and Coaches in grassroot sport organizations/groups) 
  • Local NGOs, activists (member of citizens’ groups and committees) 
  • Citizens 




The specific objectives of CISCA are: 

  • Strengthened interaction between sport and local communities by supporting the role of local grassroots sport organisations and sport events as strong community building tools and generators of social activism and engagement in socially disadvantaged urban areas by creating a curriculum and training format , training local operators , organizing community programmes. 


  • To explore the ways how sport activities may bring new tools and responses to the current challenges of social exclusion in deprived urban neighbourhoods of European cities by creating the curriculum and training format , designing, testing, and promoting the e-learning through “CISCA Web Platform, Digital Learning Tools and Interactive Networking Architecture”  


  • To identify and disseminate innovative approaches valorising the social and community dimension of sport by research efforts that will form the basis for the “Manual on Integrated Practices of Sport and Engagement in Neighbourhood Communities”. 




1.Partners’  reports 

Partner organizations will conduct research nationally and produce reports on background information and analysis for stakeholders internal  as well as external  to the realm of sport. 


2.Comparative report “Synergy between Community Sport and Activism” 

The University of Thessaly  will coordinate the partner organizations in the delivery of research( also providing technical support) and report on the comparative analysis and general inferences of the research phase at the end of the Work Package. 

3.Creation of the Curriculum and the Training Format 

The Curriculum and Training Format will contain a methodology based on synergy of theoretical knowledge and the good practices combining sport with citizens’ participation. 


4.Local Impact Trainings to test the training format   

The Curriculum and the Training Format will be tested at Training Courses organized in each partner country. The target of the training courses will be operators established in the neighborhoods selected as areas of activity by partner organizations. 3 operators per partner organization/country will be selected, with their profile being respectively: 1 Sport operator, 1 operator from citizens groups/committees (formal or informal), 1 operator from an NGO 


  1. Neighbourhood Programmes

The aim of the neighborhood programmes is to provide a real time experience of some practices included in the Curriculum. The neighborhood programmes will be the practice element of the training, but they will also serve as individual activities within the project. The local programmes will be organized in each country, coordinated by the operators (6 per country from diverse backgrounds) trained in the frame of local trainings, with the support of 2 persons delegated by the local CISCA partner organizations. The national audience of the programmes will include individuals from disadvantaged categories of citizens (lowincome individuals, migrants, persons with disabilities, unemployed). 


  1. CISCA Web Platform 

The Web platform will serve several purposes: – it will host the main information on the project results, including the Deliverables, the reports; it will serve as a community platform; – it will serve as an elearning platform, hosting, and sharing elearning tools and methods to be collected and/or developed based on the CISCA curriculum and training format. 


  1. Integration of contents

Creation of an e-learning framework, detailing the specifics of digital learning contents to be integrated in the Web Platform. 


  1. Compiling the Manual 

Creation of a Manual on the practical use of sport in civic activism, citizen participation and community building in neighborhoods addressing sport operators, professional NGOs and citizens to be used with the e- learning framework. 


Project objectives will be achieved by implementing the following activities: 

  • State-of-the-art research on the interconnections between Sport and citizen participation, analysis of good practices, tools and methods using sport for social inclusion on the neighbourhood level of European cities. 
  • Co-creation of a European Curriculum and Training Format addressing Sport and civil society operators/activists providing knowledge and tools on how to strengthen social inclusion based on the synergic combination of Sport and community engagement activities/programmes. 
  • Implementation of local test trainings targeting operators from different sectors (Sport, çivil society, NGO) in the CISCA partner countries. 
  • Organisation of events/actions in the participating neighbourhoods linking Sport and community engagement targeting local citizens, including disadvantaged categories. The activities, which will be developed in accordance with parameters of full accessibility by individuals with disability, will be focused on the recovery of urban spaces through citizens’ engagement and grassroots Sport activity. 
  • Establishment of a project Web Platform with online learning contents and a networking/engagement space for grassroots organizations/committees. 
  • Creation of a Manual on the practical use of sport in civic activism, citizen participation and community building in neighbourhoods addressing sport operators, professional NGOs citizens. 


Transnational Partners’ meeting:  

  • Kick-off meeting: Establishment of the Management Team (Poreč, Croatia) 
  • Intermediate evaluation meeting : Midterm project evaluation. (Sassari, Italy) 
  • Final evulation meeting: Sustainable continuation of the cooperation will be addressed through the presentation and finalization of a Sustainability Plan and the brainstorming of project ideas to be developed and applied by partners in the future. (Larissa, Greece) 


Training Course: 

  • Local Impact Training : Local training courses will be implemented in each partner country for the purpose of testing the Training Format produced in the project in a real setting of training as well as enabling operators to deliver the upcoming phase of neighborhood activities. (Poreč, Croatia) 
  • Neighbourhood Programme  (Every Partner) 


Multiplier Sport Event: (Every Partner Country) 

  • CISCA Neighborhood 
  • Dissemination Conference 
  • CISCA Neighborhood Dissemination Conference 
  • CISCA Neighborhood Dissemination