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Capacity Building Youth “YDCA”

Youth Development through Cre-Action

Youth Development through Cre-Action” (YDCA) is a project involving 6 partner organizations from Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain), and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt) YDCA aims at addressing unemployment affecting disadvantaged youths (NEET youngsters, youths from poor rural areas, etc.) through a trans-continental cooperation targeted at producing and sharing educational contents and formats to spread skills and competences of creative and critical thinking as a means to better take advantages of existing skills and to forge them to cover the lack of basic skills in order to increase youth employability and social integration. 

Start: 01/04/2022  – End: 30/03/2022  

Project Reference: 101051779 

EU Grant: 55500 EUR 

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices 

Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in neighbouring and enlargement countries 

Project Topics 

Support empowerment, employability and social integration of disadvantaged youths  


Target Groups 


– Youth workers and leaders involved in project TCs and Job Shadowing. 

– Disadvantaged youngsters from each partner country involved in the local Workshops’ phase, stakeholders Conferences and International Conference (selected youngsters) 


– Partners. 

– Disadvantaged young people in partner countries and beyond. 

– Stakeholders (NGOs, Cultural Businesses, Cultural and Art Associations, Public Authorities,  Educational Institutions, VET providers) in partner countries and beyond. 


Project Partners 

  1. Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy) 
  2. Stimmuli (Greece) 
  3. Intercambia (Spain) 
  4. Morocco’s Friends Foundation (Morocco) 
  5. Youth Capacity Development Agency Biskra (Algeria) 
  6. Training without Barriers (Egypt) 


The activities and methodology are designed to achieve the specific objectives of the project in order to improve the capacities of the direct target group and consequently have an impact on the indirect target group. The main approach of the project is based on Non-Formal Education (NFE) methods. Through creativity and critical thinking as a methodology to convey field-based and experience-based transversal knowledge and skills, which will be employed in the context of both Training Courses (involving youth workers) the project aims to achieve a better long-lasting impact on the beneficiaries. The main advantage of non-formal education is its flexibility and ability to adapt to individual people’s current needs and the continual changes in society. It can support personal development, as well as improve an individual’s professional skills. 

Project Objectives 

  • Promoting empowerment, employability and social inclusion of disadvantaged youngsters in Southern Europe and North Africa, thus ensuring not only higher chances to enter the job market but also the active participation in society.  
  • Promoting innovative and interactive teaching methods based on experiential learning to improve young people skills in the field of creativity and critical thinking, thus promoting nonformal learning activities in Partner countries targeting young people with fewer opportunities, with a view of improving the level of competences in the aforementioned fields.  
  • Fostering trans-continental cooperation between Europe and Northern Africa through joint initiatives regarding the promotion of employability and empowerment of disadvantaged youths;  
  • Involving youth in non-formal learning mobilities in partner countries;  
  • Establishing a long-term partners’ Network to promote creativity and critical thinking as an innovative path of youth support through further international initiatives. In this way the project will raise the capacity of organizations working with young people outside formal learning.  
  • Contributing to the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027) with specific reference to European Youth Goals 6, 7, 8: Moving Rural Youth Forward, Quality Employment for All, Quality Learning 


  • 2 Training Format “The power of critical thinking” and “How to be creative” 
  • A “Creativity and Critical Thinking” Handbook which will merge the 2 training formats and enriched with extra materials created by the Consortium and the feedback from the training courses 
  • A YDCA e-learning course containing a module for each thematic area, interactive links and self-assessment tools. 
  • A European and North African stakeholders network established through project website and local activities, that will continue to function beyond the project lifecycle. 

Kick-off Meeting – 15th of July 2022                              Sassari,Italy

Mid-term Meeting – 3th and 4th of March 2023                Cairo,Egypt

Training Course “The Power of Critical Thinking” – 20th to 28th of February 2023                                                                                      Cairo,Egypt

Training Course “How to be Creative” – 29th of April to 7th of May 2023                                                                                       Tiznit, Morocco

Job Shadowing