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Collaborative Sport Big “ACAMF”

Athlete Councellors Against Match Fixing

The project supports prevention and raising awareness among stakeholders involved in the fight against match fixing. The project brings about a 30 month cooperation between Sport federations, Sport clubs, academics and NGOs with a focus on strengthening prevention and contrast of match-fixing at all levels in the Sport sector. By creating methodologies and pilot programmes the project will empower Athletes as specialized counsellors, who will support Sport federations, clubs, stakeholders and fellow Athletes in counteracting the different facets of the match-fixing challenge in their own areas of responsibility/influence. ACAMF draws therefore a connection between integrity in Sport and the necessity of providing DualCareeropportunities supporting professional and semi-professional Athletes in the transition to a life without Sports.

Start: 01-01-2021 – End: 31-06-2023

Project Reference: 622216-EPP-1-2020-1-SI-SPO-SCP

EU Grant: 359300 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Collaborative Partnership

Action Type: Sport

Project TOPICs:

  • Recognizing and capitalizing upon the role and contribution played by Athletes and Athletes union in supporting the effective contrast and prevention of match-fixing.
  • Creating opportunities for Athletes to develop useful knowledge for future employability at the end of their careers in Sport.




Professional and semi-professional Athletes 


Peer-education as a methodology to achieve a sensible educational impact
when it comes to promoting virtuous and transparent behaviours. NFE Methodology
to train Athletes.



IO1:  a challengebook originating from a study developed under state-of-the-art academic quality criteria and
grounded on transnational research spanning all partnership countries. The aim will be to draw a systematic account of the challenge of match-fixing in European Sport by systematic exploring and cross-comparing the multiple layers of opinion and experience provided by the different actors gravitating in the Sport realm.

IO2:  a format of training based on a methodology of non-formal learning. The format of training will be an
original course to develop Athletes as counsellors against match-fixing within organisations in the field of Sport as well as in the stakeholder sector.

IO3: The Model Programme Against Match-Fixing will be a combination of training and awareness-raising activities co-designed by partners and Athletes enrolled in the local Training Courses.

IO4: The Manual on Anti Match-Fixing Practices, will be created as a result of the implementation of the Model Programme in all partner countries. The conceived audience of users for this resource will be the individual and institutional actors gravitating – at different levels – around the field of Sport.


IO5: The Web platform will be a repository of Intellectual Outputs and online courses differentiated and tailored to respectively Sport Managers, Athletes and stakeholders in the field of Sport will be integrated and
delivered across geographic barriers.

Local Phase:

Local trainings for Athletes anti-match fixing counsellors:

N° of participants: 30 (5 per each partner  country)

Age: 18+

Profile: Athletes


Programme Against Match-fixing

N° of participants: 150

Age: All ages

Profile:  Representatives of Sport and non-Sport stakeholders


Multiplier Event:

N° of participants: 250 (50 per each Country)

Age: All ages


  1. Representative of the national partner organisation, in charge of hosting and directing the conference;
  2. National Athletes trained as anti-match fixing counsellors;
  3. Athletes;
  4. Sport managers;
  5. Sport coaches;
  6. Representatives of Sport clubs and Sport organisations;
  7. Representatives of Sport Federations;
  8. Academics:
  9. Representatives of local, regional and national public authorities.