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Anna Lindh “Social Media: the vehicle of a new Democracy held by Youth”

Social Media: the vehicle of a new Democracy held by Youth

MVNGO presented in Sardinia  the book “Riscatto Mediterraneo” in cooperation with the Author Gianluca Solera.

There is a strong connection between Democracy and Dialogue. Democracy is first of all participation, as the art of collectively creating an alternative pattern of social relations, that can’t be developed without Dialogue.

Young people from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco were expected to deal with the topic of how to develop a real active participation through a series of thematic round table/workshop in Italy, taking inspiration from the social movements that in the past 2 years showed to the whole world the existence of a new way to recover the dimension of the social dialogue, and that it’s possible to organize and canalize the energies of the society asking for a more inclusive and equal society: the Arab Spring, the M5S in Italy, the Indignados in Spain, that demonstrate how the request of a real Democracy runs parallel to the request of a social and economic development and it’s strongly based on Social Media strategy.

 After the first phase of analysis and debates, the representatives of the Movements mentioned should have helped the participants to elaborate strategies and global actions in the second phase of the project, that will take place in Tunisia.

The final output of this phase was supposed to be a series of strategies that could be used from NGOs to develop in turn strategies of inclusion to raise youngsters’ participation in their activities; this will contribute to reinforce the activities and the network of NGOs involved and other stakeholder reached by the project.