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Leonardo da Vinci PLM “Learn and Back”

Learn and Back

Mine Vaganti NGO, in cooperation with the applicant organisation Municipality of Olbia and Eurodesk Olbia Comune di Tempio Pausania, Comune di Telti, Comune di Sant’Antonio di Gallura, Comune di Oschiri, Associazione Amici Del Sorriso, Pro Loco Telti, Anemos e Asl Olbia designed and implemented the project “Learn and Back” (Leonaedo da Vinci PLM) to offers the opportunity for 30 young people living in Sardinia (18-33 years old) to spend 8 weeks of internship in 7 countries (included 3 places for young people with disabilities): Malta, Turkey, Romenia, Malta, UK, Norway, Estonia and Portugal.

The hosting partners were NGOs, Social Associations, Educational Center, organizations that work with people with fewer opportunities, disabled body, disadvantage people ecc.

The aim of this project was to fill up the lack of professionalism in the social sector, the management of NGOs and in the field of educational support to people with different types of physical disability.

The project wanted to increase competencies of unemployed young people, improve their knowledge, form new professional figures, promote social activities and create new job opportunities for young people who want to work in Ngos, Associations or in the Third Sector in general.

“Learn and Back” was designed to explore the different types of working methods in Ngos, educational centers or association specialized on disadvantage people, to share and promote inclusive strategies for disadvantage target groups, to improve their capabilities and develop new skills.

The internships provided concrete tools for participants to take further action in their communities for working in the social fields and respect for minority groups. Participants had the opportunity to have better understanding about the local situation and plan projects with common vision at the international level.

It is important that we translate theory and practice into reality by exchanging and sharing experiences with one another.

The methodology that was used during the internship developed a better understanding about cultural diversity, tolerance, antidiscrimination; increased the capacity of young people to work as multipliers in their country; consolidated the experience that already existed and developed new ideas and practice.

Working as an non-formal “educator” or as a manager in a big NGO can be an aspiration for many Sardinian youngsters who wish to combine passion for their careers, ethics and volunteering to professionalism.


The MVNGO’s Training Course to prepare the candidates for the internships