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 Educating New Generations In building a Non-radicalised Environment (ENGINE) aims at empowering youth and social workers/operators who work with young people at risk of radicalisation, equipping them with efficient instruments and methodologies aimed at fostering critical thinking as well as preventing radicalisation phenomenon. 

Project Title: Educating New Generations In building a Non-radicalised Environment
Duration: 01/02/2020 – 30/01/2022
Project reference: 2019-3-FR02-KA205-016604
Funding: 204660 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for youth

The final outputs of the project comprise: 

-Research and Analysis phase: this phase will be constituted by a) research of national and international existent successful models regarding Forum Theatre and Media Literacy and Digital Storytelling methodologies b) national focus group sessions with target group and stakeholders. 

-Production of the Toolkit “Educational Pathway to Prevent Youth Radicalisation” its draft will be produced during the Joint Staff. The Toolkit will be one of the Open Resources of the Web Platform structured in a PDF version, complemented with video-tutorials of the activities produced during the Joint Staff. 

– Production of the Web Platform “Youth Working for EradicAction” functioning as both an educational hub storing informational materials and educational resources, such as the digitalized version of the Training Format (Handbbok) in E-learning modules, the Toolkit (Manual) in its PDF version and the videotutorials as well a networking channel for youth workers and NGOs to exchange good practices and build new partnerships. 

ENGINE aims at empowering youth and social workers/operators who work with young people at risk of radicalisation


ENGINE will explore the potential of Non Formal Education combined with Forum Theatre and Critical Thinking Methodology as a new pedagogical instrument aimed at preventing radicalisation among youth. 


NFE Methods, simulations, live streaming, video tutorials. 


ENGINE will explore the potential of Non Formal Education combined with Forum Theatre and Critical Thinking Methodology as a new pedagogical instrument aimed at preventing radicalisation among youth. 

The target groups involved in the project will be: 

-Youth workers aged 25+ who work with young people at risk of radicalisation for the Joint Staff; 

-Young people aged 18-25 yo (both locals and migrants) for the Blended Mobility of Young People 

-Young people aged 13-20 yo (both locals and migrants) for the Local Activities. 

-Youth workers/operators and Trainers for the Local Seminar.  

Main activities: 

-Transnational Meetings 

-International Piloting Joint Staff Training Event 

-International Piloting Blended Mobility of Young People 

-Local Activities 

-Local Seminars