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Social Growth for Circular Fashion [SoGFash] 

“Social Growth for Circular Fashion” is a 24 months long KA2 Cooperation partnership in vocational education and training project, which involved organizations from Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. The project focused on developing a capacity building program for women in the fashion industry to help them acquire the needed skills of the circular fashion processes and of traditional techniques that are part of each regions culture and heritage. It supported young women NEETs to collaborate with women usually over 55 who possess the knowledge of a traditional heritage technique in garment or/and textile development. 


Start: 01-11-2021 End: 01-11-2023 

Project Reference: KA220-VET-8EE33C3C 

EU Grant: 240.928,00 EUR 

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals 

Action Type: Youth mobility 


Project Partners: 

  1. Life Learning Development LLD.e.V. [DE] 
  1. The Nest Social Cooperative Enterprise [GR] 
  1. Afridat UG (Haftungsbeschrankt) [DE] 
  1. Fashion Revolution Ceska republika ZS [CZ] 

Project TOPICs: 

  • Creating new, innovative or joint curricula or courses 
  • Environment and climate change 
  • Inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination 


Young NEETs women 


  1. a) Targeted young NEETs women, who were in need of practical skills that would enhance their employability and their vision to build a meaningful career; 
  2. b) Provided young women access to peer learning from women over 55 who possessed the knowledge of sustainable and heritage craftsmanship techniques on textile and garment production;
  3. c) Targeted educators in the textile and fashion sector who were in need of up skilling on the new circular economy practices, models and processes as the sector is moving to a new paradigm.


Non-Formal Education 

“SoGFash” intended to introduce to young people employment opportunities in the field of fashion design to unemployed young women and fashion design to unemployed young women. Young people gained new skills that will increase their employability and entrepreneurship in this field.  



In the framework of the project, the following activities will be implemented: 

  1. the creation of an educational toolkit for women up skilling and empowerment in circular and heritage garment and textile sectors; 
  1. the creation of a digitized educational program addressed to educators who will be trained on how to apply R1 to the target group of women across regions, borders and age groups; 
  1. the development and pilot testing of a digitized program addressed to the final target group of women building on R1 educational content. 

In the framework of the project, the following results and outcomes are expected to be delivered: 

  • A Handbook and possible toolkits for educators that will be digitized  
  • An educational toolkit for the training of women (including modules, manuals, workshops)  
  • Digital e- learning educational platform for the training of women (web platform, e-modules, e-manuals, webinars, selfie short videos of heritage practices) an Open Studio toolkit to be delivered physically or live streaming.