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KA2 Ad SC CC4Forest 

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation via Forest Management: Project CC4Forest

The CC4Forest project, focused on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation via Forest Management, addresses the critical priorities of the environment and fighting climate change, alongside improving flexible adult learning pathways. With a focus on green skills and collaboration between educational institutions and businesses, the project aims to increase awareness and equip adults, educators, and small business owners with practical tools for sustainable forest management. The project strives to enhance competence, knowledge, and skills in sustainable forest management by developing eight MOOCs, pilot sessions, and innovative educational materials. The target audience includes adults interested in climate change mitigation, professionals in relevant sectors, and staff of small business owners. Motivated by the urgency of climate challenges and low awareness, CC4Forest aligns with EU goals, providing high-quality, flexible learning opportunities. Transnational cooperation ensures knowledge exchange, diverse perspectives, and a broader impact, contributing to resilient, sustainable societies better equipped to address climate change challenges. 

Start:  01-09-2023  -  End:  28-02-2025 

Project Reference: 2023-1-DE02-KA210-ADU-000166226 

EU Grant: 60.000,00 EUR 

Program: Erasmus + 

Key Action: KA210-ADU 

Action Type: Small-scale partnership in adult education 


Project Coordinator: 

Afridat UG (Haftungsbeschrankt) – Germany 

Project Partners: 


MV International – Italy 

Life Learning Development LLD.e.V. – Germany  


Project Topics: 

  • Environment and climate change 
  • Green skills 
  • Cooperation between educational institutions and business 

Target Groups 

Direct Target Groups: 

  • Adults who are interested in learning about climate change mitigation and adaptation using forest management 
  • Professionals working in forestry, agriculture, or environmental sectors, as well as educators and community leaders 
  • Staffs of small business owners in partner countries 
  • Participating institutions and their trainers 

Indirect Target Groups: 

  • Interested learners from NGOs 
  • Climate advocacy groups 
  • Climate activists 
  • Policymakers 


Project’s Objectives 

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of climate change mitigation and adaptation through forest management for adult education and partner organizations. 
  • Promote climate-friendly solutions and innovative learning resources across adult education and the general public. 
  • Improve formal non-formal methodologies learning process and upskilling pathways of adult learners and educators. 
  • Strengthening sustainable and resilient practices amongst partner organizations. 



Non-formal education through MOOCs and Webinars 


Project Activities 

Activity 1: Project Management 

Activity 2: MOOC with 8 e-course modules: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation via Forest Management 

Activity 3: Webinar/Workshop: CC4Forest