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H2020 “PTwist”

PTwist is an Innovation Action funded by the European Union under the Horizon2020 programme, and the call “ICT-11-2017 Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation”. PlasticTwist will largely impact: citizens and grassrooted groups co-creation, innovative and trusted collaboration and knowledge transfer by increasing all stakeholders’ awareness; plastics as an asset potential due to increasing its circular economy re-entering; and blockchain based novel routes to markets. Innovation activities in PlasticTwist will be based upon existing open source, blockchain, gaming, crowdsourcing components, open data solutions and developments to the largest possible extent.

PTwist aims to design, deploy, and validate an open platform which will twist plastic reuse practices, by boosting citizens awareness, circular economy practices, and sustainable innovation inline with the new plastics economy vision. 

PlasticTwist builds upon the following values:

  • Revaluation: PTwist aims to revaluate plastics, and consider them as an asset for the development of products.
  • Connecting: PTwist is based upon connecting different parts of the plastics value chain, with innovators and communities.
  • Decentralisation: PTwist approach is design to allow for a decentralized implementation, close local needs and opportunities.
  • Grassroot: PTwist engages the local communities and stakeholders in the process, taking their needs and reality as a starting point.

Grant Agreement number: 780121

For more information visit the project website and Facebook site